Getting Started Assistant

Get set up faster using our Getting Started Assistant!

Updated on January 24th, 2024

The Getting Started Assistant is a quick and easy way to enter your company profile and import critical information from your accounting software, such as client and supplier lists.


When you're new to AroFlo, the assistant is an excellent way to immediately set up your site as you'll have all your information ready before your implementation is completed.


If you're not new to AroFlo, the assistant can also be used to easily transfer across clients and suppliers and other information from your accounting package when you're ready.

  • This can be done before your implementation with an AroFlo consultant is complete.
  • Save time manually importing data.
  • Supports imports direct from Xero and MYOB AccountRight Live, QuickBooks Online, or provides a convenient bulk import tool for client and supplier lists exported from other accounting packages.
  • Suitable for both new and existing AroFlo users.

Help and Support Options

If at any point you need assistance during or after the Getting Started process, help is available via phone, chat or support ticket.



Access the Getting Started Assistant

If you're new to AroFlo and haven't already set up an accounting integration, you'll see the Getting Started Assistant widget on your dashboard, provided you have access to the correct permissions. This will be visible for 45 days from your AroFlo being active.

Click Set up Company Information to get started.

Can't see the widget?

You might not see all steps described in this guide. This is likely due to your Permission Group settings. If this is the case, you may need to amend your permission group settings or have a site administrator do this for you.

What Permission Group settings do I need?

Step Required Permission Group Settings
Account Codes
  • Integrations> Access > List, View ticked
Add Users
  • Users> Access > List, View, Create ticked
Company Information
  • Business Units > Access > List, View, Edit ticked
Import Clients
  • Clients> Access > List, View, Create ticked 
Import Suppliers
  • Suppliers> Access > List, View, Create ticked
  • Business Units > Access > List, View, Edit ticked
Payment Options
  • Business Units > Access > List, View, Edit ticked
  • Business Units > Fields > Payment Options ticked


If you're not new to AroFlo and already have accounting integration set up then you can access the Getting Started Assistant via Accounts > Integration > Import Assistant.

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Enter your Company Details

Getting Started Assistant allows you to quickly fill out your details, upload your logo and even add payment details so you can build your company profile in just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can just use the pre-filled information from the setup of your site.


To edit your details:

  1. From the Company Information step, enter your businesses Contact Details. It's highly recommended to fill this out as it is used on printed layouts (such as invoices and quotes) you'll be sending to your clients.
  2. Enter your Company Address. Click Different Mailing Address if your mailing address differs from your primary business address.
  3. Select your Region and Time Zone. These are used to determine things like the currency you trade in.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Upload Logo to upload your company logo. If your logo doesn't meet the recommended dimensions, use the cropping tool to select the area you want and click Crop Image.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter your banking information. This information will appear on your invoice layouts. Payment Terms will populate if a default has already been selected. If not, select one now to apply this to all clients and suppliers.
  8. Tick if you agree to the AroFlo Terms of Service and click Next.

How can I change this information later?

The company details you have just entered are stored in your business unit. If you don't have some of this information on hand, you can access Site Administration settings to add these later.



Invite your users

Getting Started Assistant can invite your workers to set up their own profile on your AroFlo site using only their email address.

  1. From the Invite Users step, enter the email addresses of your workers and a first and last name if you wish.       

    Entering a first and last name is optional, but recommended to personalise the request.

  2. Tick Email Invite for any users you're intending to invite via email.
  3. Click Invite Users.
  4. Those users will now receive an email inviting them to set up their own AroFlo login for your site.


For more information on inviting your users to your AroFlo, see Invite Users


Connect your Accounting Package

  1. Once on the Import Data step, if you haven't done so already, click Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks Next to begin connecting.
  2. Select your accounting package and agree to the monthly fee as per our pricing schedule, then click Login to Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks.
  3. Log into your accounting package and allow access. You'll be redirected back to AroFlo.

    QuickBooks Online Users

    Before continuing, you will need to assign your desired account codes to Service Items in QuickBooks before they will be visible for use in a later step


    You will need service items for Sales and Purchasing with any relevant account codes assigned.


    Click here for more information on setting these up, or contact AroFlo customer service for assistance.


    MYOB AccountRight Live Users

    MYOB AccountRight Live users will need to know their Company File Password before they can finish connecting their company file. If you do not know what your company file password is, speak to your accountant or consult the MYOB documentation for assistance.

  4. Click Get Client List to start importing your data.

When using the assistant, press the Next and Back buttons to go forwards and backwards through the steps, or click the links in the list to go straight to a step. You can also skip steps that aren’t important to you right now.



Import Clients and Suppliers

Multiple Business Units?

If you're using multiple business units in AroFlo and you import clients and suppliers, Getting Started Assistant will follow the settings as per Site Administration > Default Client Business Unit Links as to where it puts them.



To start importing your clients and suppliers from your accounting package:


  1. From the Import Data step, click the name of your accounting package and then click Get Client List.
    1. If you have not yet connected, click Login to (Accounting Package) and follow the on-screen instructions. You should then be redirected back to AroFlo to continue from the next step.
  2. Click Get Client List. Check the data that AroFlo pulls and then click Import Clients.

    What if I don't see my customers?

    With Xero, all of your customers that have had invoices raised against them will be visible in the list. If you cannot see them, it's likely that you have not raised an invoice for them yet.

  3. Click Next
  4. Click Get Supplier List. Check the data that AroFlo pulls and then click Import Suppliers.
  5. Click Next.

How does the Import Assistant treat missing names?

Any contacts in your accounting package that have missing primary contact first and last names will be replaced with “Accounts” and “Department” respectively.


Any issues that occurred during import will be shown and available to download as a CSV file using the Download Full Report button. Use this to assist you in making amendments before you try again.


If there are any issues and they are things you can fix such as too many characters or special characters, you can choose to repeat this step using the issues file you downloaded and amended:


  1. Click the Upload File button from the previous step.
  2. Click Upload File again.
  3. Click Select a file.
  4. Navigate to the issues file on your hard drive and double click it.
  5. Click Start a New Template.
  6. Match the headings of each column with their respective mapping.
  7. Click Import.

When there are no further issues, click Next to continue.


Configure your Account Codes

This requires you to have linked your accounting package prior to this step, or you will be prompted to do so before continuing.


If you're not sure about any of the account codes or tax codes that you need, consult with your company accountant.


QuickBooks Online Users

Before continuing, you will need to assign your desired account codes to Service Items in QuickBooks before they will be visible for use in a later step


You will need service items for Sales and Purchasing with any relevant account codes assigned.


Click here for more information on setting these up, or contact AroFlo customer service for assistance.


Configuring your account codes in AroFlo allows you to start sending invoices to your accounting package as soon as possible. Sales and rounding account codes are mandatory and will need to be filled in to complete this step.


Click the Account Code dropdowns to:

  1. Select a Sales Account.
  2. Select a Rounding Account.
  3. Select a Purchasing Account.
  4. Select your business Bank Account.

Click the Tax Code dropdowns to assign your own tax codes to your account codes, as necessary. 


You can also enter your Next Invoice Number at this point to avoid conflicting with what is currently in your accounting package and then click Next.

Getting Started Assistant can only be used to set up your first company file. If you need additional company files linked to your AroFlo site, please contact support.


Where do these account codes show up in AroFlo?
At this stage, you'll be ready to start raising sales invoices and supplier invoices known as Bills for purchases you record in AroFlo. You will see the account codes that you have chosen appear in the account code selector on your line items


What is an account code?

In accounting packages, the unique identifier linked to each account is called an account or GL code. When you perform a transaction in AroFlo and if you've linked your account codes to these transaction types (like a sales invoice or a zbill), the value of these transactions will route to whichever account code you have linked. It's a great way to track where your expenses are coming from and where you're making the most money using AroFlo's Integration feature.