Adding line items to an Invoice

Learn how to add line items to an invoice in AroFlo Office

Updated on March 3rd, 2024

Line Items can be added to an Invoice Worksheet below the Invoice Details area.

Items can be added or removed from an invoice without affecting the original costs recorded on any related Quote Worksheet or Task Worksheet, maintaining the integrity of your Profit & Loss reporting.


Add Line Items

Line Items can be added to all invoices quickly with the Add Line items button or the Multi-Search menu to search for inventory items. 

Final Invoice line items are added automatically
If the completed task is not linked to a quote and does not have SOR items, AroFlo will automatically copy the items from the Task Worksheet to the Invoice Worksheet.


Click the tabs below to learn more about adding items manually:

Ad-hoc items

Use ad-hoc line items for materials not in your inventory. Enter your own description (up to 1000 characters including spaces) and the value of the item.

  1. Click Add Line Item.
  2. Enter the item descriptionquantitycost, and sell values.
  3. Save.

Tax-inclusive pricing

By default, unit prices are treated as tax exclusive. If you want to use tax-inclusive pricing, click the 'Tax Inc' checkbox located underneath the line items area before entering prices.


Tip: You can also link job costs (recorded on a task worksheet) to any line item you add. This can be used to group your job costs.


Inventory items

Adding an item from your inventory is useful if you used inventory items on a job that weren't added to the quote or task.

  1. Click Multi-Search > Inventory.
  2. Use the search box at the top of the Search Inventory window to filter the list by Category, Part Number, or Item name.
  3. Enter the Quantity you want to invoice.
  4. Click X to close the Search Inventory window.

By default, inventory items added to a Sales invoice do not affect inventory stock levels. Site Administrators can enable this in Site Admin > SettingsInventory Track Inventory on Sales Invoices


Supplier Catalogues

Use the Supplier Catalogues menu to access supplier online catalogs from within AroFlo and import items you've added to the 'cart' directly to your invoice. See Using Supplier Online Catalogues for more information on using this feature.



Invoice Quoted Work

When invoicing a task that was quoted, additional options include a Quote Pick List button to view and select quoted items. Adding calculated line items is ideal for deposits and progress claims. You can also add items booked out on jobsheet to invoice unexpected costs that were recorded on the task.

If you want to compare quote and task records, use the Compare Jobsheet and Invoice Items to see what's been invoiced.


Click the tabs below to learn more about each method:

Calculated line item

Adding a calculated line item is ideal when you want to invoice a percentage of your quote (such as a deposit) and invoice the remaining balance later.

If the task was quoted (or belongs to a quoted project), click the option to add a calculated line item and follow the below instructions.

Alternatively, you can still use the Add Calculated Line Item function by clicking the down arrow next to Add Line Item and select Add Calculated Line Item to display the line item calculator.

Override Quote

Using this method will Override the Quote value.

  1. Enter a percentage that you want to include as a line item
  2. Select to either calculate on the total amount remaining on the task, the total amount remaining on the quote, or the overall value of the quote. The Invoiced to Date information above will help you out with your calculations.

    Item Description

    The Item Description will default to the percentage of the option you selected. You can override this by clicking on the (pencil icon)

  3. The calculated amount will be shown as the Line Item Total.
  4. Click Set Total when finished to add the line item.

You can also use the reverse process by typing an amount into the Line Item Total box and the percentage will update accordingly.




Quote Pick List items

If the task was quoted (or belongs to a quoted project) and you want to simply add all of the items from the linked quote to the invoice, click Add from quote Pick List. This greatly speeds up the process for invoicing clients for quoted works. You can also use the Quote Pick List button to view and select individual items from the quote.

Enter the quantity of each quoted item you would like to invoice, or tick the All checkbox at the bottom to add all quoted items and Save.

Click Invoice to return to the Invoice Worksheet.


Jobsheet items

Adding Jobsheet items would mostly be used for do-and-charge work, to invoice ongoing job costs.

Click Add items booked out on jobsheet to add all labor, materials, and expenses recorded in the Task Worksheet to the invoice.


SOR items

SOR or 'Schedule of Rates' items are used in flat-rate or price-book pricing situations. Often the sell price of the SOR item includes all labour and materials used for the entire job.

If there were any SOR items recorded on the Task Worksheet, you will see an additional option that allows you to add only those SOR items to the invoice.

Click Add SOR items booked out on jobsheet if you want to add only the SOR items (no additional labor or materials) from the Task Worksheet to the invoice.

Refer to Invoice Schedule of Rates (SOR) Items for instructions on how to create an invoice with SOR items only.


Override Quote Line Items
When invoicing under or over the total value of a linked quote, AroFlo will automatically include a Quote Variation line item. Learn more.



Delete items

Delete single items

To remove items from an invoice, click Del to the right of each item.


Delete multiple items

To remove multiple items, click Multi-Delete, tick the item/s you want to remove, and Save.

Select all
Tick the tickbox in the header to select all items



Invoice markups and discounts

Each line item on an invoice can receive both a markup and a separate discount. The discount will be applied to the total markup price. For example, an item costing $40 has a markup of 100% = $80 sell value. The discount of 25% is then applied to the total $80, reducing the sell value to $60.

The item markup is automatically applied based on ClientBusiness Unit, or Item-Specific markups. Discounts are applied manually by entering the discount percent into the discount field for the item as required.

Ad-hoc items added to an invoice will show the default material markup when the item type is set to 'MAT'. All other types (LAB, EXP, FRE) will automatically change the markup to 0.

Pricing Visibility

Not all users see the Cost and Markup column. Visibility depends on User Feature Access. Restricted users will only see Qty, Sell, Discount, and Total columns (in Office and Field).


The next section will look at the invoice total summary