SOR Items

Learn how to create SOR Items in AroFlo Office

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

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Schedule of Rates (SOR) items are designed for invoicing goods or services at a specific price. They may be a combination of materials and labor packaged into one scheduled rate, or a special discounted price.

For example, you may charge a special rate of $1499 for a time for installing a hot water service. Using an SOR inventory item, you can set this as a fixed sell rate which is booked on the task and used to create a simple invoice with one line item. Actual labor and material costs are also booked on the task, but they are maintained on the jobsheet and are not included on the invoice. For more information, see Invoice Schedule of Rates (SOR) Items.

Add to Task Type
SOR items can be set up to be automatically added to a task once it's created. See Task Types for more information.



Create an SOR item

You can set any item in inventory as an SOR Item, which means that the cost value of the item will not be included when booked on a task.

  1. Go to Manage > Inventory.
  2. In the Categories panel, select an existing item from a category.

    If you don't see the item you need, click Add Inventory Item to create a new item.

  3. In the Edit Inventory Item window, under the Details tab, click the SOR Item checkbox.
  4. Save and close the window.

SOR Item Inventory Stock
When SOR items are added to a Task, the inventory stock will reduce. This is because an SOR item is a service to sell and may need to be tracked in terms of times sold. The actual stock you use should be materials and labor recorded on the Task.

For example: If you sell a hot water service, your quantity of hot water service does reduce to help you track how many times you have sold that service. However, you likely recorded a physical hot water system, valve and copper pipe on the task. These items will reduce in stock.


See also: SOR Lists.