Inventory - Overview

Learn about AroFlo's integrated stock control and inventory system

Updated on April 5th, 2024

AroFlo features an integrated stock control and inventory system that lets you:

  • Organize materials and services using categories and sub-categories
  • Track the cost of items via automatic cost updates from purchase orders
  • Use flexible sell price options for cost plus or fixed price (RRP) scenarios
  • Manage stock by physical location or stockholder and set low stock alerts
  • Create SOR items and price levels for invoicing items at flat-rate or tiered pricing
  • Search and select items even faster by creating Task Lists and Assemblies
  • Record barcodes on inventory items to enable barcode scanning in the field.
  • AroFlo comes with pre-loaded test items for you to practice with to get you started.
  • As part of your AroFlo setup, we offer to import your existing inventory data to your new AroFlo site. For more information, see Import Inventory Data or contact our Customer Service team.