Import Inventory Data

Learn how to import inventory data in AroFlo Office

Updated on March 5th, 2024

Once you've completed a training session on inventory and you're feeling comfortable using AroFlo, we will send you a request for your inventory data.

Most suppliers are able to provide you with a list of your most frequently purchased items, or you may have your own inventory list or 'Price Book' that you can send to us for importing into AroFlo.

By default, AroFlo comes with a range of pre-loaded inventory items for you to practice with; you can find these sample items in the Training Data category in Manage Inventory.



Prepare your inventory data files

Please read the following guidelines before you prepare your inventory data files:

  • Every item must include a description/item name (this is a mandatory field in AroFlo).
  • Every item must include a category. If there are no categories provided, all inventory items will be imported to a single category called 'default'. Large imports of > 2,000 items will be imported to two separate default categories.

    Categories are used to organise your inventory items to make it easier for users to find items when quoting or booking costs on a job. If categories have not been provided in the file, all items will be imported to a default category for you to organise into new categories at a later stage.

  • Some inventory lists provided by suppliers include multiple cost and sell pricing ie: ex GST, inc GST, discounts etc. You will need to let us know which cost and sell pricing you would like to import. Please note: all prices for importing should exclude GST.
  • Exceedingly large imports (> 5,000 items) may cause degradation of performance in your AroFlo site, therefore we are unable to import entire supplier catalogs. We encourage you to limit imports to your most commonly used items.


Inventory templates

To assist you in preparing your data for importing, you can download a range of inventory templates from the Import Data Templates and simply copy/paste your data directly into the template.

Supplier-provided inventory lists

Inventory lists provided by a supplier may be sent in their native format (except .PDF). Please ensure that you include instructions in your email about the cost and sell pricing you would like us to import. Our Data Team will contact you if they require further information.



Send your files to us

Once you have all of your inventory data files ready to go, simply send us a support request and you can attach the files by replying to the confirmation email received from us.

Double-check your data before sending

  • All files for importing must be sent either in CSV, Tab-Delimited, or Excel format to avoid a surcharge of $150/hr (ex. GST) for data conversion.
  • Importing your inventory data is included in your set-up, however, standard hourly rate charges will apply for any additional import requests if we have already imported your inventory.


How long will it take?

Whilst we endeavor to complete data imports as soon as possible, please allow up to 5 working days. We will send you an email confirmation once the import has been completed.

Don't want to wait?

You can also import inventory items yourself. Refer to Bulk Data Import for instructions.