Custom Holders

Learn how to set up and use Custom Holders in AroFlo Office

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

Custom Holders are unique stock locations that are not linked to a user.

For example, you may have a vehicle pool, rather than assigning vehicles to individual staff. Creating a Custom Holder for these vehicles allows staff to choose the vehicle they need when they are allocating stock to a Task or Purchase Order.


Add Custom Holder

To add a Custom Holder:

1. Click Custom Holders tab

Navigate to Manage > Inventory > Custom Holders tab.


2. Click Add Custom Holder


3. Name Custom Holder

 Enter a name for the Custom Holder and Save.



Edit Custom Holder

Click the name of a Custom Holder to open the Edit Custom Holder window.

From here, you can edit the name of the Holder and change the Status to Archived if required.


Archive Custom Holder

Click the name of a Custom Holder (as shown above) to open the edit window. Select Archive from the Status dropdown menu and Save.


Show Archived

Click Show Archived at the bottom of the list to refresh the list and show all of the Custom Holders sorted by name.

The archived items will be prefaced by the word 'ARCHIVED' in brackets.

Click Hide Archived to return to the active Custom Holders view.