Invoice Totals

Learn how to check your invoice totals in AroFlo Office

Updated on March 12th, 2024

The invoice totals panel is found on the bottom right of the invoice worksheet.


Invoice Summary

By default, the summary area will display all the information for the invoice you are working on (This Invoice).

You can also click on Invoice Summary to display a list of past invoices.

This Invoice

Option Description
Override Quote Overrides quote variation line items.
Cus. Invoiced

Indicates the invoice has been sent to the customer.

If you email the invoice to your client via the Invoice Worksheet (rather than through the layout preview), this checkbox will update automatically.

Payment Rec. Indicates payment has been received.
Tax Inc. Select this checkbox before you enter prices on items to invoice a job using tax-inclusive unit prices.


Shows the Invoice Calculation Breakdown

Show me

Tax Total Click the value to display the tax component breakdown.
Credits Applied Click the value to display applied credit notes.
Payments Applied Click the value to display applied payments.
Add Payment Add a payment for this invoice.
Payment History Displays the payment history.

Invoice Summary

The blue vertical strip highlights the invoice currently being displayed.

Option Description



Gives a dropdown giving you further information on how the balance due on the displayed invoice is made up.

Invoice Click the hyperlink to open the corresponding invoice.


Invoice Markup, Margin and Profit

Markup, margin and profit information is available to Admin users (with pricing visibility permissions).

Markup = ((Total Invoiced ex. GST - Total Task Cost ex. GST) / Total Task Cost ex. GST) * 100

Margin = ((Total Invoiced ex. GST - Total Task Cost ex. GST) / Total Invoiced ex. GST) * 100

Profit = Total Invoiced ex. GST - Total Task Costs ex. GST

[p/hr] = Total Profit / Task Total Hours


Remember to Save after making changes to line items to ensure these calculations are updated.


The above information can also be included in quote, task and invoice reports.

The next section will look at how to approve and send an invoice