Invoice Worksheet

Learn how to navigate an invoice worksheet in AroFlo Office

Updated on January 12th, 2024

Once you have created an invoice, you will see the Invoice Worksheet. Invoice Worksheets can also be accessed from the Invoice Menu.


Invoice Header

The top section of the Invoice Worksheet displays all of the client details (and task description if it was for a job). The client note, invoice note and customer order number can be updated if required. A Sales Invoice will also require a Client to be selected.

The tabs below the description area provide quick access to information recorded on the task. See Task Worksheet.


Click the expand below for an explanation of the available Invoice Header fields:

Invoice worksheet header fields explained

Client Note This field is pre-filled with the Client Message from the Client Card. It can be used to record client notes or messages which will appear on every invoice for the selected client. Information entered will automatically update the Client Message on the client card.
Terms Automatically populates based on the terms set on the client card.
Invoice Note Used to record any notes about the invoice, which will be shared across all invoices for the same task. This note can also be displayed on the invoice layout.


Invoice details

The Invoice Details section is used to build the invoice. Use this area to enter a description and confirm the due date.

Click the expand below for an explanation of the available Invoice Details fields:

Invoice Details fields explained

Invoice No

Automatically populates with the next available invoice number. This number must be unique and should not be edited.


Please contact your Site Administrator if a higher invoice number sequence is required.

The next Invoice Number to be generated can be changed in Site Administration> Integration.



The Invoice Style controls how much information is shown on the Invoice Worksheet and what is available to a print layout. The style cannot be changed if the task included a quote. Learn more in Invoice Styles.

We recommend starting with a Detailed or Lab & Line Item style to have the most information available.

Invoice Date Automatically populates with the date of creation. This can be edited if needed.
Due Date Automatically calculated based on your company's default transaction terms set in Site Admin. If terms have been set on the client card, this will override the company default terms. This can be edited if needed.

When an invoice is created from a Task, the Description will be pre-filled with the Task Identifier (name of the job) and the Task Description.


The Invoice Description can be edited and updated, using Description Templates if required, and is usually displayed on the invoice when it is emailed or printed.



Invoice Records

The tabs below the invoice description provide quick access to records saved against this invoice.

Click the expand below for an explanation of the available Invoice Records tabs:

Invoice Notes

Used to record any notes that are specific to this invoice only.


Documents & Photos

Used for uploading and storing documents or photos against the invoice (similar to task notes).

For task invoices, to attach documents to the invoice that are already attached to the task, use the down arrow next to Add Documents & Photos > Task Documents. This will also remember the filter set for each document. This feature is handy if you're using Online Invoices as you can easily share documents and photos with your client.


All Invoices

Lists all invoices raised for the task. This can be handy if you've created part invoices throughout a large task and you need to see a total invoiced value.


Compare Quote, Jobsheet and Invoice Items

Shows a comparison of what was recorded on the job sheet and what's been listed on the invoice. See Compare quote, jobsheet and invoice items for more information.


Once you have checked the invoice details, you can add line items to the invoice.