Invite Users

Learn how AroFlo's User Invites feature works

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

Inviting your intended users to set up their own profile in your AroFlo site is made easy with our User Invite feature.

You can also invite your users during setup of your AroFlo site using the Getting Started Assistant.

Users added through this process already have the Worker Permission Group assigned to them so they can begin working straight away. If you need more control over their Permission Group settings, you can also administer their user account after inviting them, or creating their account. See Create a User.



Invite your users

  1. Access Site Administration > Users and click the button in the top right to begin, or click the Launch User Assistant link if you have the banner visible at the top of the page.
  2. From the Users step, enter the email addresses of your workers and a first and last name if you wish.

    Entering a first and last name is optional, but recommended to personalize the request.

  3. Tick Email Invite for any users you're intending to invite via email. This is not mandatory, and invites can be sent later if you wish.
  4. Click Invite Users, then click Complete.


Create an AroFlo account via email

  1. Once the user has received their email, get them to click Activate Your Account.
  2. The user is taken to a secure portal linked to your AroFlo, enters their information and then clicks Update.
  3. If the user agrees to the Terms of Service, Additional Terms of Service and AroFlo API Terms of Use, then click these tick boxes and then click Accept.

The user will receive a congratulations email and will be logged in to begin working. 


Why can't I edit the email address in my invitation?

The email address that appears for the user in the portal is un-editable. If this needs to be edited or changed, the sender can amend the email address in the user account as it appears and then use the resending instructions below to try again.



Tracking invite status

After you have invited your users and are waiting for them to set up their profile, you will be notified via Site Administration > Users, as to the current status of their progress. The envelope icon in the status column () will indicate if the recipient has not yet clicked their link and filled out their profile.

Once an icon of a person appears in place of the envelope, the user has finished setting up their profile. The business unit manager will also receive an email confirming the user has completed their sign-up.

If you see an envelope with a strike-out (), it means that user has been created through the assistant, but an invite has not been sent.


Resending invitations

Users can have invitations resent if necessary in a couple of different ways through Site Administration > Users:

  • Tick the Resend Invite option for each affected user and then hit Save, or
  • Click the affected username to open their user card and click Resend Invite from there.

The user can then follow the above steps for filling out their information through the portal.