Company Details - Overview

Learn how to manage your company details

Updated on November 15th, 2023

When we create your AroFlo site, we populate your company details for you. Please take a moment to check that these details are correct.

It is also a good idea to enter your preferred payment options that will appear at the bottom of your invoice layouts.


To access your company details:

  1. Log into AroFlo Office.
  2. In the top right corner, click your user avatar (user initials AF in the example below) and select Site Administration.
  3. Click Edit (next to your company name).

Check the current information is correct and update it if needed. Remember to save your changes.

Description of fields

Field/Setting Description

Upload your company logo to have it appear on the print view of layouts.

To upload your company logo, use the Upload Logo button to locate the logo on your local PC.

Business unit logos have the following requirements:

  • PNG or JPG format
  • No dimension greater than 1000 pixels
  • File size less than 100Kb.

Logos appear at their actual size on layouts.


Upload your company icon to have it appear on your AroFlo site's header.

To upload your company icon, use the Upload Icon button to locate the icon on your local PC.

Business unit icons have the following requirements:

  • PNG format
  • No dimension greater than 144 pixels
  • File size less than 100Kb.
Company/Business Unit

Name of the company or business unit.


Short Name

A prefix used as a reference number for internal tasks.



Record your company's Australian Business Number.


ACN / License

Record an Australian Company Number / License.


Phone, Mobile, Fax

Contact details for your company.



Company website URL.



Select an existing manager from the dropdown list.



Enter the primary email address for your company.


Sending Domain Prefix

Used to configure the email address for sending emails from AroFlo; for example,
Refer to our Email Configuration help page for more information.


Time Zone

Select the time zone that applies to this business unit.


Company Address
Mailing Address

Displays the address of your office location, and a mailing address (if different).




Customer Payment Options

Enter the payment information that you would like to include in your invoice layouts, so that your clients can pay you.

Description of fields

Field Description

Credit Card Type


If you accept credit card payments, list the types of credit cards that you accept.


Credit Card Phone Number


Enter a phone number that customers can call to make credit card payments.


Bank Name, BSB,
Account Name, Account No


Enter your bank account details for electronic transfer of funds.


BPAY Biller Code


If you accept payments via BPay, enter your BPay code.


Cheque Payable To


If you want cheques made out to the business unit name, leave this field blank. If you want cheques made out to a different name, type the name into this field.


Payment Terms


Enter your standard payment terms.


Use other Business Unit Payment Details


Select the payment details from another business unit.




Regional Settings

The Regional Settings tab allows you to set your geographical region so that your quotes, purchase orders and invoices all feature your location's standard date format, currency code and currency symbol. 


Simply select from the dropdown menu and click Save.