AroFlo Insights

Learn some helpful hints of things you can do within AroFlo. A different tip every two months.

Updated on July 9th, 2024

Every two months, we bring to you a helpful hint of something you can do in AroFlo that you may have missed or didn't know about.

Feel free to use these to enhance your workflow and AroFlo experience.


May Insight - Reorder checklist items

Did you know you can reorder checklist items?

Simply tick the Sortable option on each applicable checklist item when setting up or editing your checklist template.

To reorder items, click and drag the double-ended arrow  (if using Office) or hold and drag (if using Field).


July Insight - Request customer reviews via Checklist event messages

Did you know that you can trigger emails or SMSes via checklist items? More specifically, you can control when you want to send an email/SMS to your client asking them to review you.

In order to achieve this, set up a checklist item on your relevant checklist template(s) and set up a Checklist event message. You may need to create an email/SMS template as well. Whenever you want this email or SMS to send, simply trigger it using the relevant checklist item.

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