Geo Zone Scheduling

Learn about setting up Geo Zone Scheduling in AroFlo Office

Updated on January 22nd, 2024

Geo zone scheduling is a fast and efficient way to schedule your resources and subcontractors based on the area or zone that you have assigned them to work in. AroFlo lets you assign or schedule jobs by zip code, suburb or a geographic zone.

  • Define zones by suburb, postcode, or simply by drawing directly on a map using geo-fencing.
  • Assign technicians, contractors and area managers to one zone, multiple zones, or all zones.
  • Include zones when scheduling tasks in the calendar to ensure the right resource is selected for the job.

Setting up zones and assigning resources are administration functions that require access to Site Administration. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.


The following instructions explain how to set use Geo Zone Scheduling. For information on how to set up resource zones, see Resource Zones.



Assign resources

Resources (users) can be assigned once your Resource Zones have been added in Site Administration.


  1. Go to Site Administration > Users.
  2. Select a user from the list.
  3. Scroll down and click the Resource Zones tab.
  4. Click the zones that this user services.
  5. Click Save.


Include zones in the calendar

In order to use zones for scheduling, you will need to add zones to the 'Search Tasks' view within your calendar.


  1. Go to Office > Calendar.
  2. Click and drag out a time block.
  3. Under schedules, click Select > Task.
  4. Click Columns (located under the list of tasks).
  5. Scroll down and click Zone.
  6. Click Ok.


Calendar scheduling using resource zones

Now you have added your resource zones and added the option to filter these using your search tasks panel in calendar.


  1. Go to Office > Calendar.
  2. Click and drag out a time block.
  3. Under schedules, click Select > Task.
  4. Use the Zone dropdown you added in the previous step to select Yes or All depending on whether you want to see all in zone jobs for that user or all jobs. You can also use the Distance column to see the users approximate distance from that job if you're using AroPoint GPS features.
  5. Double-click the desired job and complete your schedule as usual.

Find nearest task or resource
Using the GPS features within AroFlo's calendar, you can create an efficient job run for resources assigned to specific zones or route urgent jobs to the nearest available resource. For more information, see Scheduling with GPS (Nearest Task or Resource).