Create a Location

Learn how to create a Location in AroFlo Office

Updated on January 24th, 2024

Locations are used when the work site location is different to the client's office location. For example, you may have a contract to maintain multiple properties for a real estate agent or strata management company.

If you have a large list of locations that need to be added to your AroFlo site, you can quickly and easily import them using the bulk data import tool located in Accounts > Locations.


You can add a location to a client when you create a task:

  1. Go to Create > Task.
  2. On the Client field, click (magnifier) and select a client.
  3. Click (plus) next to the Location field.
  4. Complete the fields as described in the table below.
  5. Click Save Location.

Location fields

Site Contact, Site Phone, Site Email Used to record site contact details.
Location/Address, Address 2, Suburb, State, Zip Code, Country

Used to record the address of the work site.

Note: Location/Address is the only mandatory field.

Powered by Google

Click (pin icon) to use Google to fill in the full address. If you use this option, AroFlo auto-completes the GPS coordinates.

GPS Coordinates (Lat:, Long:) Auto-Generate, View on Map

Used to assist with:

If you enter the location address without selecting a Google result, you will need to click Auto-Generate to generate the GPS coordinates for the location.



You can also add new client locations via Accounts > Locations:

  1. Click Create Location.
  2. Click next to the Client field and select a client.
  3. Complete the fields as described in the table above.
  4. Click Save Location.


Alternatively, add a location to a particular client/supplier/contractor via the relevant card:

  1. Click Locations towards the top of the client/supplier/contractor card, or View > Locations
  2. From the Locations list, click Create Location.
  3. Complete the fields as described in the table above.
  4. Click Save Location.


Once you've created and saved a location, you can go back into the location card to:

  • add notes or task notes
  • upload documents and photos
  • view the location history for a list of tasks performed at that location.

See Manage Locations for more information.