Current Task List

Learn how to manage the current Tasks list in AroFlo Office

Updated on July 8th, 2024

The Current Tasks list displays the open tasks accessible to you in the business unit. 

You can filter and sort the list in several ways.

What do the colors mean?

In the default AroFlo theme, tasks highlighted in:

Color Definition

An assigned task that has not been viewed by any of the assigned resources.


An assigned task that has been viewed by at least one of the assigned resources.

Light Blue A task that has not been viewed by any user from the linked business unit. If a user views the task from a different business unit, it will remain highlighted.

If you choose another theme, the highlight colors may be different.


Handy hint: Bookmarking views
Use the available filters to find the info you want, e.g. filter by status or filter only tasks assigned to you, and then save this as a bookmark in your web browser once the page refreshes. This will save you time selecting the necessary filters each time you use Workflow > Open.



Page Features

The following table lists the features of the Current Tasks page.

How to use it
  1. Click into the search field and enter at least three characters for your search.
  2. Click to either select one or more fields to search on (e.g. Task, Ref No, Job No), or select Full Company Search to search your entire company, not just the current Business Unit.)
  3. Click Search.
Business Unit Filter

Only available if you have access to multiple Business Units.

  • This Business Unit Only - Only displays tasks that are part of the selected business unit. 
  • Include Child Business Units - Displays tasks that are part of the selected business unit, as well as child business units. An additional Owner heading field will display. 
  • Include All Business Units - Displays tasks for all business units. An additional Owner heading field will display.

Owner field

Task Filter

Click the dropdown menu: , on the right side of the header to filter the list by the different Task statuses (e.g. Open, Not Started, Pending, Completed, All).

Email Tasks


Send an Email from this view by selecting (envelope). The email template will be blank and will let you select any client, and a number of attachment options. See Email for further detail on the email window.

If an email is sent with a Jobsheet attachment, a record of the email will also be saved against the relevant Task.

Search Tags

You can filter the task list by selected Tags. You can add tags in the Task Worksheet and use them to link or group similar tasks. Click (tag icon) to filter by tags. See Task Tags for information on how to use this feature.

Bulk Import

Import tasks from an Excel file or a .CSV file. Click (down arrow) to upload a file. Refer to Bulk Data Import.

Default Ordering

You can re-order the columns by clicking and dragging the column headers. Click (AZ icon) if you want to return to the default AroFlo order.


Task List Table Features

The following lists the features of the task list table.

How to use it

You can sort the list by clicking the arrow to the right of any column header (e.g. Type, Client, Status). Clicking the arrow again reverses the order in which the results appear. The arrow indicates which way the list is sorted.

Filter Click the magnifier to filter the list based on what you're searching for, e.g. displaying tasks for specific clients, or filtering the list on priority.
Assigned Column


To see all tasks assigned to yourself, click (My).

To see all tasks assigned to others:

Click the (magnifier) icon to open the Search Resources window.

  1. Select the resource(s) you want to view
  2. Click Select Resources.

Multiple Resources Assigned

The Assigned (My) column can fit a maximum of three lines of text, so if you assign a task to more than three resources, AroFlo will display the first two names and a link to any others. If only three names are assigned, they will all be listed.

Status/Substatus Columns


Clicking the arrow next to the word Status/Substatus sorts the list by status/substatus, i.e. all tasks appear and those with a status/substatus are grouped accordingly.

You can also filter for tasks with particular statuses/substatuses.

Click the (magnifier) icon to open the Search Status/Substatus window.

Search Substatus window

  1. Click to select the status(es)/substatus(es) you want, or click the box in the top left of the window to select all statuses/substatuses.
  2. Click Select Task Statuses/Select Substatus to refresh the list.
Scheduled Column

Tasks that have been scheduled will display a schedule date in this column. Tasks that are not currently scheduled will show Set.

To see tasks scheduled to yourself only, click (My).

Schedule dates shown

This column will display schedule dates from today onwards.

  • The Task Schedule Visibility setting in Site Administration may restrict the future dates shown.
  • If you filter by 'My' tasks, the results shown will include tasks with a schedule up to five days before today.
  • If you are in a permission group that limits the schedules shown to be only yours (Task filter 'Assigned or Scheduled to User'), the results shown will include tasks with a schedule up to five days before today.

Permission group info

This includes users in the 'Worker' permission group.

For custom permission groups, Site Administrators can check this via Permission Groups > Tasks > Filters > Assigned or Scheduled to User > View (set to ticked)

Preview Panel

Click the preview button to reveal a Task Preview with information about a Task. The preview displays essential task information without accessing the whole Task Worksheet.

Underlined items

Any text that is underlined is an active link. Generally, this shows all tasks associated with what you've clicked, e.g. clicking a client name displays all tasks belonging to that client.



Click the options button (three dots) in the Actions column to copy a short URL to that task. This function is also available from within a task.