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Learn how you can add quote items in a few simple steps using AroFlo Field

Updated on May 28th, 2024

Viewing Quoted Items or Totals

There are a few ways to check quoted items or totals on a Quote:

Line Items section

The easiest way to check if your quote contains line items is the line items section on the Overview. Tap View Line Items (x) to go to the Quote Items screen.

If your quote doesn't have items on it yet, you can add line items from here or set a quick total.

See Add items to a quote, below for both of these options


Quote Totals overview

The overall totals of the quote displays underneath the line items section. Tap an entry to go to the Items Total tab (see next tab).

Items Total tab

The Items Total tab gives you the overall totals of the quote. To view more information, such as labor hours, cost of materials, and overall markup, tap Details. See Edit a Quote - View Quote Totals for an explanation of these fields.

If you want to use tax-inclusive pricing on your quote, check the Tax Inclusive box.


Tap Edit Line Items to add or view line items.

  • You can only view and edit items for simple quotes. Click here to learn more about simple vs detailed quotes.
  • The button will say View Line Items if the quote's status is anything other than In Progress, as you cannot add or edit items.


Add items to a quote

There are a few methods of adding items to a quote. Choose your preferred method below to learn more.

Quotes need to be in the In Progress status in order to add items to them.


Add a Quick Total

1 Tap Add Quick Total

If your quote doesn't yet have any line items on it, tap Add Quick Total from the line items section.

2a Total Only

Enter a quick total for the quote (Tax Ex but you can switch to Inc if necessary) and Save. This will enter a line item for this amount with the description ‘Works Requested’.

2b Material & Labour

Alternatively, tap Material & Labour to enter individual amounts for materials and labor (switching to Tax Inc if needed) and Save. This will enter a line item called ‘Material’ and an item called ‘Labor’.

Add Line Items

There are a few ways to manually add line items to a quote:

Quote shortcuts

The easiest way to add line items to a quote is via the Quote shortcuts button > Add Line Items and choose the relevant option via the sub-menu.

Line items section

You can also tap Add Line Items from the line items section to access these same options, or if your quote contains items, View Line Items (x) > to get to the Quote Items screen and add items from there.

Items Total tab

Tap an entry in the Quote Totals overview to go to the Items Total tab, or simply tap Items Total > Edit Line Items and add items from the Quote Items screen.

Choose the type of line item to add:

Option Description
Multi-Search/From Inventory Add items from Inventory, Task specific lists, SOR lists and items, or Assemblies.
Ad-Hoc / New Line Item Add an ad-hoc item (items not in your inventory).
Supplier Catalogue Directly access your preferred online Supplier Catalogue.

See below for further instructions on each of these.

From Quote Items screen

Tap the + button and select the relevant option

From Quote shortcuts

Tap Add Line Items and select the relevant option

From Quote Items screen

Tap the + button and select the relevant option

From Quote shortcuts

Tap Add Line Items and select the relevant option


Add ad-hoc item

Tap Ad-Hoc / New Line Item to manually enter the details of an item.

Use this for items not in your inventory.


This defaults to a Material type line item (e.g. a PVC Pipe). Tap Labor to enter a labor type line item (e.g. ‘Installing Pipe’).

  1. Fill out the mandatory fields
  2. (optional) Tap Show More to access and/or fill out the optional fields
  3. Tap Add Line Item to record your entry.
Field Description
Item Name of the item.
Quantity Enter the quantity needed.
Sell Ex. Sell price of the item exclusive of tax.

Optional fields

Field Description
Part No. Enter a part number


(Material items only)

Installation time
Cost Ex. Cost of the item exclusive of tax.
Markup If you don't have a default markup for materials set in Site Admin, enter a markup percentage.
Sell Ex. Sell price of the item exclusive of tax.
Total Ex. Total cost of the item exclusive of tax (uneditable)

Tax Code

Select a tax code

Tracking Center

Select a tracking center


Multi-Search / Inventory

Tap Multi-Search/From Inventory to add existing inventory items and inventory lists to your quote. Use the filter button to select which set of items you want to search.

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Show this


Search Tips

Search box

Use the search box to narrow down your search results. Type an item name or item number.

Barcode Scanner

If searching Inventory, you can use the barcode scanner feature within the search box.



Use the category search to display items within their categories and sub-categories.


Search your entire inventory list and add items to your quote.

  1. Tap Add Item
  2. (optional) Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust quantities, or simply enter a quantity in the box provided.

Task Specific Lists

Easily insert inventory items from a task specific list to your quote.

  1. Tap Add Task List
  2. (optional) Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust quantities, or simply enter a quantity in the box provided.

View items

Tap the (blue arrow) to expand the list to view the items within the task-specific list.


SoR Lists

Insert SOR Lists to your quote.

  1. Tap Add SOR List
  2. (optional) Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust quantities, or simply enter a quantity in the box provided.

View items

Tap the (blue arrow) to expand the list to view the items within the SOR list.


SoR Items

Insert Schedule of Rates (SOR) items to your quote. Only inventory items that are marked as SOR items will display in the search results.

  1. Tap Add Item
  2. (optional) Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust quantities, or simply enter a quantity in the box provided.


Search through your assemblies.

  1. Tap Add Assembly
  2. (optional) Use the  +  or  -  buttons to adjust quantities, or simply enter a quantity in the box provided.

Tap the (blue arrow) to expand the list to view the items within the Assembly.


In this example we've expanded the assembly to view the items within it and we can see that adding a quantity of 2 would add 2 brackets, 30 cables, etc.


 Item info

Using any of the above options, you can tap an item to view additional item details and/or access documents and photos attached to the item.

Advanced Search

An alternative to the search box and the category search is the Advanced Search. This is ideal if you know some of the item's other details, e.g. the Identifier or Manufacturer.

Tap (magnifying glass with text) to use Advanced Search. Switch between Inventory, Task Lists, SOR Lists, SOR Items, and Assemblies from the top section and fill out what information you want to search in the relevant field(s). Tap Search Item to display results. The following screen will display how many items match the criteria and labels will tell you what you searched. Tap the x on a label to expand your search. Tap the X at the top right to return to your inventory list.

If an item has already been added to the quote, a counter will display on the Add Item button when displayed in the list, to indicate this. This will save you from accidentally adding the same item to a quote.


Add selected items to Quote

Once you've finished selecting your items, you can either add them straight to the quote, or, you can review them first to double check your pricing and make any adjustments, etc, before adding them.

Save and close

The quickest way to add your items to the quote is to tap Save and close. The Selected items button will let you know how many line items (as opposed to item quantities) have been added so far. This will add the items to the quote and return to the Quote Items list (see below).

Note that this method will bypass reviewing items (as per next tab).


Review selected items

To review what you have added so far, tap Selected items. This will display a list of the items you've added so far and a total. From here, review your quantities and prices. When you're ready, tap Add selected items to quote to return to the Quote Items list (see below).

Inventory Lists

If you've added Inventory Lists (Task specific lists, SOR lists, or Assemblies), these will appear in the grouped view, similar to above, and you can adjust quantities for the whole list or for each item.


Remove items

To remove an item or list, make the quantity 0 (except for items within inventory lists).


 Forgotten to add items?

If you press back < without making a selection, you'll be prompted to add your selected items to the quote, or remove them. Note that adding items this way will bypass reviewing them. If you want to review your items first, tap away from this prompt and tap Selected items.


Add items from supplier catalogues

Tap Supplier Catalogue to directly access your preferred online Supplier Catalogue.

Using this feature is useful for accurate material costs, as pricing is live from the supplier.



View and Edit Quote Items

Once items have been added to your quote, they'll appear in the quote items list. Tap the + or - buttons to adjust quantities, or tap x to remove them.

Tap an item if you need to edit it, such as changing the part number, description, price, markup, estimated hours, or marking the item as optional. Tap Update Item to return to the Quote Items list.

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 Markup options

You may see the following option(s), depending on the inventory item's settings:



For items within an SOR List, you'll have an additional Options button, allowing you to select the relevant price level.


Tap the (percentage) button to select a price level markup.


Tap the (percentage badge) button to select a price level sell value.


Changes will apply to this quote only and will not update your inventory items.


Once you've added all your items, tap Save Quote Items.

Tap the < (back arrow) at the top to return to the quote overview.



Quoting in Linear Measures

You can quote for a service or item in m2 (squared), lineal metres or m3 (cubed) to accommodate for jobs like painting a room or fencing a property.

To quote in linear measures:

  1. Tap the measurement calculator button on the line item closest to the quantity field.
  2. Define the object, item, or space you're measuring (Area, Linear, Volume)
  3. Define the unit to measure in and how you want this unit type to display:

    Measurement Units by Category

    Millimeters Millimeters Millimeters
    Centimeters Centimeters Centimeters
    Meters Meters Meters
    Kilometers Kilometers Kilometers
    Foot Foot Foot
    Inch Inch Inch
    Yard Yard Yard
    Miles Miles Miles
        Liquid Gallon
        Imperial Gallon
  4. Choose your measurement type to match the space you're measuring using the dropdown.

    Tap the image of the shape to give you more information about how measurements are calculated.


    Available measurement types


    Measurement types Measurement Use Case
    Rectangle Width x Length Painting a room.
    Square Length Fencing the perimeter of a property.
    Triangle A x B x C Tiling a nonstandard-shaped bathroom.
    Right Triangle Height/Base Installing wall-mounted cabinets in a nook.
    Circle Diameter Calculating the cost to clean a tank.


    Measurement types Measurement Use Case
    Line Length A single row of tiles or selling a length of cable


    Measurement types Measurement Use Case
    Rectangular Prism Length x Width x Height Filling an area with sand
    Cube Length Selling materials (e.g. sand or soil) per cubic meter
    Cylinder Height x Diameter Calculating the cost to clean a tank.
    Tube (Height x Outer Diameter) - Inner Diameter Pipe fabrication
  5. Enter a measurement that you have taken in the relevant fields. The total calculation below will increase as you do this.
  6. Tap Add Measurement to add another line or Done to close the calculator and continue with your quote.

    When you tap Done, if you've changed any of the numbers of the measurement or the measurement type (like changing metre to cm), a prompt confirming you want to change the unit type/value for the line item will appear. Click Update Unit Type/Update to continue.



Other Linear Measure Calculator Options

Option Function


Tap > to add a new measurement line in the calculator with the same values as above it.


Tap > to delete the measurement line.

Tap Add Group to create a new group of measurements. This would be useful for breaking up a quote that might be for several rooms of a house or fencing on different parts of a property while maintaining a single line item.

Tap the field above the measurements in each group that reads ‘Group’ to enter a name, then proceed from Step 2 above to complete more calculations.

Groups can also be deleted or duplicated using the menu button next to the group name.

Tap and drag if you need to reorder a measurement line / measurement group.
Delete All Delete all calculations. You'll be prompted to confirm this action as it cannot be reversed.

View Measurements on a Layout

  • To make it easier to start using linear measurements on quotes and showing these measurements to your clients, we've made a standard layout called Itemised (Measurements). See Standard Layouts for more information.
  • Alternatively, if you're using custom layouts, be sure to add the [Measurements] column to your table.
  • Using RTFs? We also have some pre-built Quote Example RTFs with measurement options. See Pre-built RTF Templates.

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Quote Details

Tap Details at the bottom of the Quote Items page at any time to view the overall quote totals, such as the labor hours, overall markup, and cost of labor and materials.

This information can also be found on the Items Total tab. See Edit a Quote > View Quote Totals for an explanation of these fields.


Close this section to return or Save if you've made any changes.

Sending the quote to your client

For instructions on emailing or printing your quote from AroFlo Field, see Emailing and Printing.