Quote Option Groups

Learn how to use various pricing options for your quotes in AroFlo Field

Updated on May 28th, 2024

Use quote option groups to group various pricing options under their own header on a quote. The item selections can be set to allow single or multiple selections.

This is useful when you want to offer your customers options that are separate from the standard items. The value of the optional items is excluded from the total summary until the items are marked as 'Selected'.

This feature is available on simple and detailed quotes in both AroFlo Office and Field.


Create option groups

  1. Create a quote as you normally would and add your items.
  2. Tap an item to access the item settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap the Option Group dropdown
  4. Select Create Option Group and in the field that appears, give your option group a name
  5. Update Item to return to the Quote Items page.

    The Optional tickbox will automatically be set once you update the item.

  6. Repeat this process for other items on the quote as necessary and either
    1. create a group to add the item to the group, or
    2. select an existing group from the dropdown.

If you tick the Optional tickbox but don't select an option group, this will flag the item as optional but not apply it to a specific option group. See Adding Line Items to a quote - Setting Line Items as Optional.



Managing groups

By default, option groups are created as 'multiple-item selection', which means that your client can choose from a range of items.

If you're offering your client an either/or selection of items, change the group to 'single-item selection' by tapping the group header and changing the group type to Only one item can be selected and Update.

Rename groups

You can also rename an option group from here as well if you need to.



Selecting items

Once your client has decided which options to go ahead with, select your items and save the quote:

  1. Select your optional items
    1. For single-item selection groups, tap the round button next to an item to select it and edit the quantity if necessary
    2. For multiple-item selection groups, tap the checkbox next to each item you want to select and edit the quantities if necessary
  2. Save Quote Items.


The quote totals will update after you've saved, according to your selection.


Delete option groups or items

You can delete an option group (including its line items) by tapping the (minus) to the right of the group, or tap the (red cross) next to an individual item you want to remove.