Invoices - Overview

Raise task invoices on the go using AroFlo Field

Updated on February 16th, 2024

The easiest way to access Task Invoices in AroFlo Field is via the Invoice List, but you can also access them via the Completed Tasks List or via a Task:

Open a final invoice for a task

Once a task has had a final invoice raised against it, tapping the task will automatically open the invoice:

  1. Navigate to your task list (Menu > Tasks)
  2. Tap the (Filter By) and select Closed tasks or search for the task you need
  3. Tap the task you need, which will have a label of Invoiced as opposed to Completed.

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If you tap a link back to the task, e.g. from the invoice itself, tap View Invoice to return to the final invoice.


Access created invoices for a task

Alternatively, to access a list of created invoices for a task, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Tap the More tab on a task > Invoices, or
  2. Tap the Invoices tile.

Both of these options contain a counter telling you how many invoices are attached to the task.


Tap the invoice you wish to view from there.



Invoice Header

The invoice header tells you the invoice number and task name and shows whether the invoice is paid, unpaid, or has no costs on it.


Edit the status of the invoice if you need to and Save. Options are In ProgressPending Approval, and Approved.

For final invoices, changing the status to Pending Approval or Approved will mean the task will no longer be visible in your Completed Task list.


Invoice status explanations

Status Definition
In Progress The default status for all new invoices. You can add to or alter the invoice while it's in this status.
Pending Approval An optional status that allows for complex workflows (e.g. internal approval). You can add to or alter the invoice while it's in this status.

Invoice has been sent to the client. You can no longer add to or alter the invoice once it has this status. If you need to make changes, set the status back to In Progress or Pending Approval, and Save.

An invoice must be set to Approved before it can be pushed across to your accounting package.


 Also included is the option to email the invoice to your client.

Tap (back) to return to your Invoice List, or the list of invoices for this task, depending on how you accessed the invoice.



Invoice Shortcuts

Tap the plus button to access a list of shortcuts so you can easily add things to your invoice:

Option Description
Add Signature Capture a signature for the invoice. See Capture Signature.
Add Payment Brings up the Payments tab so you can add a payment to the invoice.
Add Line Items

Add items to your invoice. This features a sub-menu, letting you select how you want to add items. See Add items to an Invoice for more info.

Unavailable if the invoice status is Approved.



Invoice Tabs

The Invoice worksheet is broken up into five tabs:

The Notes and More tabs will have counters on them if information is contained within them, e.g. notes and signatures added to the invoice.



Overview tab

The Invoice Overview gives you the main details of the invoice and is broken up into sections

Client Information

The client name is shown at the top of the worksheet. Tap to view more info.

Explanation of fields

Field Description

Name of client

Tap this to open the client card.

Location Clients primary address
Client Contact

Clients primary contact.

If a phone number is saved against the  contact, you can tap the phone icon to call them using your device's default dialing application.


Invoice Description

The invoice description is pre-filled with the task name and task description. Tap to expand this if necessary.


Tap if you need to edit this and Save.

Tap Descriptions to use a description template


Line Items

Tap View Line Items (x) to jump to the Line Items tab. If line items are yet to be added, this will say Add Line Items.

See Add items to an Invoice for more information.


Invoice Totals overview

This is your overall total of the invoice. Tap an entry to go to the Line Items tab.

Invoice Details

Displays the Due date and Invoice Note. Tap to view more info or edit any details.

Explanation of fields

Field Description
Due Date Due date of the invoice, based on the client's transaction terms. Edit if necessary by tapping
Invoiced Date Date of invoice creation. Edit if necessary by tapping
Invoice Note Any recorded notes about the invoice which will be shared across all invoices for the same task. This note can also be displayed on the invoice layout.
Customer Order Number Used for recording a customer or work order number (can be entered on-site if required).
Client Note Used to record client notes or messages that will appear on every invoice for the selected client. Information entered will automatically update the Client Message on the client card.
Client Terms The transaction terms for this client.
Invoiced By User who created the invoice.

Task Details

Tap View Task to open the task this invoice belongs to, or alternatively, tap to view more info.

Explanation of fields

Field Description
Task Type The type of task.
Ref. Number Task reference number and Job number.
Owner If you have multiple business units, the business unit linked to this task.
Date Completed The date the task was completed.
Customer Order Number Used for recording a customer or work order number (can be entered on-site if required).


Other tabs

Line Items

The Items Total tab is where you manage the costs applied to the invoice.


Tap View / Edit Invoice Items to view, edit, or add invoice items.

  • Items may have been added to the final invoice when it was created. See Create an Invoice for more information.
  • You may have quick options here to add items to your invoice, depending on the scenario. See Add items to an Invoice for more information.


Option Description
Add/View Payments Tap to record an invoice payment. See Payments.
Applied to Date The value of payments applied.
Balance Due

The current balance due.

This also appears on the invoice header.

Customer Invoiced Tick this to indicate that the customer has received a copy of this invoice.
Payment Received Tick this to indicate that you have taken payment for this invoice.


Record general information about this invoice or job and/or view existing notes.


Read more on notes.



The More tab is in the form of a pop-up.

Option Description
Print PDF Generate a PDF of the invoice sheet to send to a mobile printer. See Emailing and Printing.
Email Send an email of the invoice. See Emailing and Printing.
Signatures View Captured Signatures on the invoice / capture additional signatures.
Delete Invoice Delete the invoice from the task (unavailable if the Invoice status has been set to Approved).


Preview an Invoice

Tap Preview to preview what the invoice will look like to your client.

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Print Preview settings

If you need to use a different layout, tap and select a layout from the dropdown and Save.

Saving Invoice Layouts

The Layout field displays the Default Print Layout. If you change the layout and save the invoice, AroFlo will remember the selection if you need it again in the future. The default will also display, just in case you need it.


For approved invoices, you can also access the online invoice link from here. Tap to copy the invoice link or to regenerate it.

More on Online Invoices

In Progress Invoice


Approved Invoice



Tap (share) to share the invoice, using your device's share option.


Tap (down arrow) to download the invoice as a PDF.



Tap Email to email this invoice. See Emailing and Printing.


View Online

Tap View Online to preview the online invoice.

Only approved invoices can be viewed online. If the invoice is not yet approved, you will be prompted to approve the invoice, and then you can proceed with previewing the online invoice.


More on Online Invoices.