Learn about how to effectively use the AroFlo Field Main Menu

Updated on June 27th, 2024

To access the main menu, tap (menu icon) in the top left of the screen.

Open menu on login

There is a setting to make the main menu appear straight after logging in to AroFlo Field. See Field Landing Page.


The functions you've been given access to will be displayed in the menu. These may include:

Access another business unit

If your AroFlo site has multiple business units and you have the appropriate permissions, you can select a different business unit by tapping the dropdown arrow located at the top of the menu.



Switching between Old and New view

Temporary Options

The old view is no longer being updated and use of it will prevent you from accessing useful features such as Field Scheduling. These options will only be in AroFlo for a limited time while we finish updating our Field interface. 


Switching views

All Pages

At the bottom of the menu is a toggle to temporarily switch back to the old view of AroFlo Field. Tapping this will switch everything in AroFlo Field to the old view, which you may have been using before we started our upgrade. This means that a few options will move around; some will look different, and some may not be there at all.

This toggle will be accessible from the menu from wherever you're working in AroFlo Field.

To switch back to the new view, simply open the menu and tap the All Pages to New View toggle.

Current Page

Certain pages in AroFlo Field will have an additional Current Page To New View toggle.

This will revert only the current page to the old view, but not the rest of AroFlo Field.

To switch the page back to the new view, simply open the menu and tap the Current Page to New View toggle.



Tap the Notifications icon () to view real-time updates about what's going on in your AroFlo site. 

  • See activity in your business, such as tasks being assigned to you, or payments being made against invoices
  • Tap Only Unread to see only your unread notifications
  • Tap the notification to be taken to the relevant part of AroFlo, such as a task or invoice.

Tap the X to close the panel.

What kind of notifications will I see?

By default, your AroFlo site has the following Notifications enabled:

  • New Schedule
  • Invoice Paid
  • Task Assigned

To disable any of these, follow our instructions for Default Event Messages.



Help Menu

Tap (question mark icon).

From here, you can:



Profile Menu

Tap the profile icon (in the example screenshot) to access the profile menu.

From here you can: