Create a Quote

Learn how to create a quote on the run in a few simple steps with AroFlo Field

Updated on May 27th, 2024

AroFlo Field provides a quote builder that allows you to create simple quotes.


Create a Quote from the Quotes List

To create a brand new quote in AroFlo Field:

  1. In the main menu, tap Quotes.
  2. Tap the green plus button towards the bottom right (green plus button) > Create Quote.
  3. Tap (magnifying glass) to select a Client and Location if needed, using the search box.

    Create Client/Location

    Tap (plus icon) to add a client or location, enter the details, then scroll down and tap Create Client or Create Location. Selecting a client first before creating a location will create the location for that client.


    Users require additional permission to create new clients. For more information, see Feature Access Settings.

  4. Tap (magnifying glass) to select a Task Type. Use the search box to quickly locate a task type.
  5. Optional: Assign the task to a user(s) or business unit.
  6. Enter the name of your quote into the Quote Name field.
  7. If applicable, enter a Due Date using the date picker.
  8. Optional: Enter a Priority using the dropdown.  

    The priority you choose will transfer across to the created task.

  9. If applicable, enter the customer order number, such as work order number or contract number.
  10. Enter a Description of the work or tap Description to search your description templates.
  11. Optional: Select a Project this task should be added to.
  12. Optional: Select a Reported By contact from the list.
  13. Select the Estimator or person preparing the quote.
  14. Tap Create Quote > Yes.


What next?

The quote then opens in edit mode so you can add items and checklists to it, record the client's approval or rejection of the quote, or change any of the details you entered earlier.

Continue to Edit a Quote.



Create a Quote from a Task

You can also create a quote from a task. This can be useful if you want the client and location fields to be filled in for you.

From an existing task, tap the Task Shortcuts (green plus button) > Create Quote/Task and select from one of the Quote options:

Option Description
Turn this Task into a Quote

This will convert the task into a quote.

This will remove the task from your In Progress Tasks List until the quote has been approved.


See Approve a Quote.

Quote (Client) Create a new quote for this client.
Quote (Client, Location)

Create a new quote for this client.

Only available if you selected a location for your task.