Calendar View

Learn how to keep track of your day with the Calendar view in AroFlo Field

Updated on February 7th, 2024

In the Schedule Calendar view, you can see events that have been scheduled to you for the day, week, month, or for a four-day period.


To open a Task, Quote, or Periodic from the calendar, tap anywhere inside its listing. The Overview window appears. At the bottom of this, tap View Task/Quote/Periodic to go to the corresponding worksheet.

Overview window


Task and Quote Overviews will also contain an option to start the job timer.


Icons and label colors

The Schedule Calendar view uses identical icons for event types as the Schedule Timeline view. The label colors are also displayed. The main difference is the row will also display as the same colour as that of the event type icon:


Task Timer

If you've got a timer running on a task or quote, the timer symbol will display on the event.


Private schedule

If you don't have access to a task, it will show as a private schedule. More info.



Task Timer

If you've got a timer running on a task or quote, the timer symbol will display on the event.




Ad-hoc event





Change the calendar type

Tap the Day button to temporarily switch your calendar to another type. Choose from Day, Week, Month or a 4-day view.


The calendar will revert to the Day view the next time you open it.

It is not currently possible to change the background color of the calendar, or to re-arrange events by clicking and dragging.


Assigned periodic tasks will appear in your schedule calendar (Week or Month views) if they are due within one week and are assigned to you.



Use the right and left arrows at the top of the calendar view to move forward or back through the dates.

When using the the calendar moves forward or back by
Day view one day
Week view one week
Month view one month
4 Days view four days, including weekend days.

You can quickly and easily return to today's date on the calendar by tapping Today.

Show me


In the body of the calendar, you can scroll up and down through the times shown on the left.