Map View

Learn how to see your day laid out for you on a map in AroFlo Field

Updated on November 5th, 2023

The Schedule Map view uses Google Maps to display tasks, quotes, and periodic tasks that have been scheduled to you.


Each task has a (red pin) icon, with a number representing the chronological order of tasks/quotes. This gives you a handy way to plan your route.


In addition, your current location will be displayed with a (blue circle).

  • Your locations  in AroFlo need to have GPS coordinates saved against them in order for the red pins and your current location to display.
  • Your current location will only display if you have events scheduled to you for the selected day.

Use the right and left arrows at the top of the Map view to move forward or back through the dates, or use the date picker (calendar icon) to quickly jump to a date.


Navigation options:

Icon Option Description

Change map style

Tap the down arrow to access the Terrain checkbox. This will give you a view of the topography of the area.

Terrain view


Access street view

Drag Pegman () onto the map to open street view.


Zoom controls

Zoom in (+) or out (-).

You can also use two fingers to alter the zoom.


Create button

Tap to access the Create a Task option.


Location pin

Tap to view the Task/Quote Overview. Tap off the Overview to close it.