Navigate Schedules

Learn how to navigate your schedules in AroFlo Field

Updated on February 7th, 2024

Access your schedule

If you're not already looking at the schedule view when you log in to AroFlo Field, tap Main Menu > Schedule.


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What displays upon login is determined by your Feature Access Settings. Please contact your Site Administrator if you want to change your default landing page.


You can choose either the Timeline view, the Calendar view, or the Map view by using the buttons at the top of the view.


You can also view the calendar from your Task List. Tap Schedule at the bottom of the page.




Schedule filters and search

Filter events

To filter the resources or event types (from the schedule calendar or timeline):


  1. Tap the icon.
  2. Tap the (pencil) icon beside Filter by event type or Filter by resource
  3. Select or deselect the event types or resources you need.
  4. Tap Update. Your view will update automatically.


These filters are temporary. The next time you open your schedule, default resources and event types will be shown.

The schedule map lets you filter by resource only, not by event type. By default, only scheduled tasks (including periodic tasks) and quotes will appear on the map for the selected resource.


Search tasks

To search for tasks from the schedule timeline, calendar, or map:


  1. Tap the   (magnifier) icon in the top right.
  2. Select a search term, e.g. task name, job number, or client, using the Term dropdown
  3. Enter a keyword (minimum 3 characters).
  4. Tap Search.


AroFlo will display all tasks that match the search term, not just scheduled tasks.



Create a task

To create a new task from within the schedule timeline, calendar, or map:


  1. Tap the (green plus icon) icon in the lower right.
  2. Tap Create Task.
  3. Proceed as described in Create a Task.


You can then schedule this task to yourself to have it appear on your timeline, calendar, map, or scheduled task list.