Assets - Overview

Learn about assets in AroFlo Office

Updated on May 16th, 2024

An asset is a piece of equipment or a component for which you may want to build up a service history, track movement using GPS, and store warranty information or user manuals. Assets may be owned by your company or by a client you are dealing with.

Examples of assets you could record and manage in AroFlo

  • Equipment you use on-site, such as a compressor or a backhoe
  • Company vehicles that are used by staff
  • Client assets, such as air conditioning units that you service regularly
  • Vending machines that are moved between locations and which have tasks raised for stock replenishment or repairs.

Using AroFlo's Assets feature, you can:

  • access the asset's task history, schedule information, compliance forms, and documents and photos, from the asset card
  • include asset information in reports
  • Use Task Asset Fields
  • easily track assets using GPS and assign users to them, as they are moved between locations
  • use the 'Escalate' option on the asset checklist to create new tasks using the asset information, if additional work is required.