Labour and Expenses

Learn how to add labour and expenses onto a quote

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

Labor on a quote is broken up in two ways:

  • Actual time taken to produce a quote (e.g. time spent writing up a quote and/or site inspections)
  • Labor items added to the quote (i.e. the time it may take to install material items for the prospective task).


Labor and Expense buttons

Use the Labour and Expense buttons to add Labour and Expenses to the quote. These are used to record any time and expenses incurred in the actual creation of the quote, e.g. a quote fee or parking fees. 

Work Type

It may be worthwhile creating a work type specific to quotation work.


Any time or expenses added here will also be recorded on the task sheet if the quote gets approved, or alternatively, you can invoice for these charges if rejecting the quote (see Reject and invoice quote).


These buttons work exactly the same as they do on the Task Worksheet. See Task Worksheet LabourTask Worksheet Expenses.



Task Timer

You can also use the Task Timer to record labor to add to your quote. This is available from the Quote Worksheet as well as within the Labour button.

Read more about this feature here



Labor line items

Labor can be added to material items in UR/Hrs, by Work Type, or as an overall Labour Item.

Material UR/Hrs

To the right of each line item, you can enter the time taken to install each material item in the UR (Unit Rate) field, or the Hrs (Total Hours) field. The labor component of the quote appears in the totals section at the bottom of the quote.

For example:

You add a "GPO Standard" item to your quote with a quantity of 4. It usually takes half an hour to install each GPO. Entering 0.5 into the UR field will then calculate the total labour (Hrs) for the four "Double GPOs" as 2 hours (4 * 0.5 = 2).


Work Type

You can also set individual Work Types against line items by clicking the (yellow plus icon) beside the Hrs heading.

1 - Click Plus


2 - Set work type


This feature allows for greater pricing control over your quoted labor per line item. You'll also notice there is no Labor Rate in the Totals section as it is now controlled on the line item.

Labor Item

You can add labor as a single line item by changing the Type dropdown to Lab, set the Qty and the Value charged per hour.

Labor hour calculation

This is a great way to get a total sum of labor when you're wanting some kind of flat rate calculation, but not have it tied to your unit rate. While this won't put a value in the worksheet unit rate, you can still reference Qty as hours in other sections of AroFlo.


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