Quote Totals and Overall Markups

Learn how to check your profit margin for a quote in AroFlo

Updated on June 4th, 2024

Quote Totals

The Quote Totals area of the quote displays the current totals, lets you set overall mark-ups, and see what your overall profit for this quote would be.


Overall markups

Part of the final stage of quoting is setting your final mark-ups to your costing. AroFlo provides individual mark-ups for the labour and material totals as well as an overall quote mark-up.


Total profit margin

At the bottom of the Quote Totals area, you'll find an item called Total Profit Margin. This is the difference between actual cost and total sell.

Total Profit Margin

[Quote Total Ex] - [Actual Cost] / [Quote Total Ex] * 100

Total Profit Margin

[Quote Total Ex] - [Actual Cost] / [Quote Total Ex] * 100

Once you've finished building the quote, it is ready for issue to your customer using an appropriate layout.

The next part of the process is sending a quote.