Track Quote Status

Learn how to keep track of the lifecycle of your quotes in AroFlo Office

Updated on June 4th, 2024

Quotes include a Status and Acceptance Status. These allow you to keep track of progress and approvals.

The Status and Acceptance Status can be updated at the bottom of the Quote Worksheet.


Quote Status

The Status is designed to be used as an internal status when building your quote:

Status Description
In Progress The quote is being built and not yet ready. 
Pending Approval The quote is ready but requires internal sign-off or review.
Approved The quote has been approved internally. This status will enable the Acceptance Status fields.
Rejected The quote will not go ahead.
Rejected & Invoice The quote will not go ahead but the client needs to be invoiced for work already done.


Quote Substatus

Quote Substatus is an optional field. By default, AroFlo comes with a small range of sample substatuses but the options available are customisable and additional substatuses can be created by your site administrator.

Substatuses are included in the Workflow > Quote views, which can be filtered to make it easier to find particular jobs of the same substatus.



Acceptance Status

All quotes have an acceptance status, designed to track external client approval.


Acceptance Status fields only appear when the Quote Status is Approved. The fields are optional.

Default Acceptance Status

Your site administrator can set the default acceptance status.



Acceptance Status Description
(Blank) If your workflow does not use Acceptance Status, you can leave the Acceptance Status blank. A link to the related Task will be displayed and the job is ready to commence.
Not Sent Quote has been approved internally but has not yet been sent to the client.
Awaiting Decision Quote has been sent to client and is awaiting their response.

Client has accepted quote. A link to the related Task will be displayed and the job is ready to commence.

Clients can accept or decline a quote from the online quote viewer.


Client has declined quote.

Clients can accept or decline a quote from the online quote viewer.

Need More Information Client has requested clarification or additional detail, or asked a question from the Online Quote Viewer.


Acceptance Expiry

You can set a quote expiry date when a quote is 'Not Sent' or 'Awaiting Decision'. The expiry date and time can be displayed on your quote layouts and emails.

Once the expiry date and time is up, the Online Quote cannot be viewed. This prevents a quote from being able to be accepted after the expiry date, with possible outdated prices.



Online Quote Links allow your clients to:

  • view a quote
  • ask a question
  • view documents and photos attached to the quote
  • accept or decline a quote


through AroFlo's external quote viewer. Their response updates the Acceptance Status automatically.


See Online Quote Acceptance for more information.



Commencing Quoted Work

Once your client has accepted the quote, access the related task for scheduling and recording job information, via:

  • View > Task in the top right corner of the Quote worksheet, or
  • the View Task option towards the bottom.  

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Alternatively, if working on a Detailed Quote and need to convert this into a project, see Create a Project.



Rejected Quotes

If you decide not to go ahead with work, set the status to 'Rejected' and Save.

The task will be automatically archived.



Reject and Invoice Quotes

In some situations where a customer decides not to go ahead with a quote, they can be invoiced for the work already performed. In this case, select the 'Rejected and Invoice' status and Save.

You will be redirected to the Completed Task screen so that you can invoice the client as needed. 

A note will be automatically added to the task to record the quoted amount rejected by the customer.