Periodic Tasks

Learn how to manage periodic tasks in the Field

Updated on February 26th, 2024

Periodic Task Templates are suitable for managing recurring work and preventative maintenance. You set up your periodic task template in the Office interface, and AroFlo generates a task automatically each time the due date rolls around, whether that's daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or at a custom frequency.


View Periodic Task Templates in the Field

To view periodic task templates in AroFlo Field, scroll to the bottom of any Task List (e.g. Open, My Tasks, All) and tap Periodic Task Templates.


Assigned Periodic Tasks

The Periodic Task Templates listed under the Periodic Task Templates heading are those that are assigned to the current user and are set to generate a task within 7 days.


Tap the name of the template to open it.


Scheduled Periodic Tasks

Periodic tasks that are due to be generated within the next two weeks will appear on the scheduled resource's Calendar or Timeline.


Manually Generate Periodic Tasks

This may be useful when you need to attend a recurring event earlier than planned.


To generate a task from a periodic task template, select a Periodic Task Template and tap Generate Task.


  • This will generate a task for today.
  • This should only be done when the schedule of the periodic needs to change to today's date.


Enable Permissions for Periodic Tasks

By default, the Worker permission group does not have access to Periodics in Field. Your Site Administrator can change this using the following settings:

  • Permission Groups > Select permission group > Tasks> Types > Periodic Templates > Tick List and View
  • Permission Groups > Select permission group > Scheduling > Types > Task Periodic Templates > Tick List and View