Task Restrictions

Learn how to manage Task Restrictions in AroFlo Field

Updated on May 16th, 2024

AroFlo lets you set restrictions on who can see tasks. This is helpful if you only want certain users to be able to view a particular task or if users only want tasks that are relevant to them to appear in task lists.


This functionality works in the same fashion as Note Restrictions.

Permission Groups

Managers, Supervisors, and those with permission can create and edit task restrictions.

Custom permissions

For custom permission groups, Site Administrators can enable this via Permission Groups > [Select permission group] > Tasks > Fields > Restrictions (set relevant permissions to ticked).


If a user doesn't have access to a task, the task simply won't display in the user's task list. In addition, any task schedules for the task will be displayed as Private Schedules on the calendar.

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Create Task Restriction

  1. Open the task from the task list.
  2. Tap Restrictions from the task overview section
  3. From the Restrictions popup, tap the (padlock icon) to restrict the task to be accessible only to yourself. The icon will change to a closed padlock ()
  4. To make the task accessible to other users, tap:
    1. Add Permission Group - to enable all users from specific permission groups (e.g., only users in Management or Supervisor permissions) or
    2. Add User- to manually select individual users

      You can use a combination of these two options if necessary.

  5. Save your changes.

The task header will display a locked padlock to indicate the task has restrictions.



Edit Task Restriction

From a task with restrictions on it:

  1. Tap the locked padlock from the task header (or the More tab > Restrictions)
  2. From the Restrictions popup, tap the delete button (red trash can) next to each permission group and/or user you wish to restrict from having access to the task
  3. Save your changes.

Remove restrictions

Alternatively, to remove the restrictions entirely, tap the (closed padlock icon)  and Save. The task will no longer be restricted, and the Restrictions button will have an open padlock again. The locked padlock will also disappear from the task header.