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Description templates are used to record snippets of information that you regularly use in quotes, tasks, invoices, credit notes or timesheets. Descriptions can be set up in Site Administration, or created on the fly by Admin users in the Office interface.

Once the description templates have been saved, all users can select the ones they need when working in Office or Field.

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The benefits of using this feature include:

  • A complete catalogue of descriptions stored in one central repository.
  • Speeds up data entry and helps to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Flexibility to create or alter descriptions on the fly.
  • Available to all users in both the Office and Field interfaces.

Use the tabs below to read about description templates.

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Add a description

Descriptions can be set up for use on quotes, tasks, invoices, credit notes and timesheets.

  1. In Site Admin, go to General Description Templates.
  2. Select the appropriate Description Type on the left, e.g. Quote Description, Task Description.
  3. Select a Category to store the description in.

    Add Categories

    Click Add Category, enter a name and click Save.

  4. Click Add Description.

  5. Enter a Description Name to identify this description/information.
  6. Type or copy text from an external source and paste it into the Description field (Max 8000 characters).

    Text or HTML

    Description templates can be created in text or HTML format. Select HTML if you need to use bullet points, bold / coloured fonts, paragraphs (show carriage returns), or tables.

  7. Save. 

    Edit a description template

    Descriptions can be edited at any time. Simply double click a description, make the required changes and save.