'Forgot Your Password' Settings

Learn how to set up email sending domains for 'forgotten password' emails

Updated on February 20th, 2024

The AroFlo login screen features a Forgot Your Password? link that users can click to reset their password.

Clicking this link triggers an email to the user; the email contains a link that allows them to reset their password. The manager of the user's business unit also receives an email notification of the reset request.

  • Both the user and their business unit must be active (i.e. not archived or disabled) for the Forgot Your Password email to be sent.
  • New users will have this feature enabled by default. For existing users, Site Administrators need to grant access to this feature in the Site Administration area. See below.


To ensure users can receive the Forgot Your Password email:

  1. In Site Administration, click Users and select the user you need.
  2. On the user card, check that the user has a valid email address. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the user card and click the Feature Access tab. Check that the tickbox beside Reset password through ‘Forgot Password?’ is ticked. If it's not, tick the box, then Save

    New users will have this setting ticked by default.

  4. Ensure the user's email sending domain is on your Email Domain Whitelist:
    1. Still in Site Administration, go to Settings and start typing Forgotten Password.
    2. Check the domains listed. 


      If the user's domain is...
      listed no further action is required.
      not listed continue with the steps below.
    3. Click Add Domain. 
    4. Enter the user's email domain, e.g. company.com.au
    5. Save.

Email Domain Whitelist

The email domain whitelist restricts which email domains can receive password reset emails. If no email domains are entered into the whitelist, any email domain will be able to receive emails.