Unique Email Address

Learn how to create an email address unique to a task or quote in AroFlo

Updated on July 7th, 2024

AroFlo lets you create a unique email address for individual tasks and quotes, so emails about that task/quote can be sent directly to it. Emails can include attachments which are then saved in the documents and photos tab of the task/quote.

This works for tasks and quotes of all statuses, including completed tasks and approved quotes.

  • Collect email correspondence by adding the unique email address as a recipient (To: Cc: Bcc:)
  • Find important emails related to the job in task/quote email history or in task/quote notes.
  • Send files to a task/quote which automatically upload to documents and photos.
  • Use Event Messages to notify specific users of an incoming email.
  • Set email filters to restrict addresses that can email to a task/quote.


Create a Unique Email Address

To create a Unique Email Address:

  1. Open a task or quote.
  2. Click (Create Unique Email Address).
  3. The Unique Email Address prompt will appear. Click Create

A unique email address will be displayed in the Task/Quote Email Address field (see top image).

Only one email address can be created per task/quote.


Permission Groups

Managers, Supervisors, and those with permission can create a task/quote email address. Users in the Worker permission group can only view a task/quote email address.

Custom Permission groups

For custom permission groups, Site Administrators can enable this via Permission Groups > [Select permission group] > Tasks and/or Quotes > Fields > Direct Email Import (set relevant permissions to ticked).


Email Address Filters

Unique Email Addresses include an optional filter to control who can email to a task/quote.

To restrict addresses that can email to a task/quote:

  1. Click (Edit) next to the unique email address.
  2. Enter permitted addresses into the From Filter field.

    These can be in the form of a full address (name@yourclient.com) or just the domain (@yourclient.com).

    If you do have filters and want to import the emails you send, you need to include your own address.

  3. Click Save.

Default 'From Filters' can also be set for the business unit (via Site Administration Task Settings). These will then be preset when a Unique Email Address is created.

Which From Filter takes priority?

AroFlo checks email address restrictions using the following hierarchy:

  1. Restrict to addresses set on the task. If none:
  2. Restrict to addresses set in the (owning) business unit. If none:
  3. Restrict to addresses set in the company (top-level business unit). If none:
  4. Allow incoming emails from any address.


View Imported Emails

When a task/quote email is received, it can be viewed through email history or in the task/quote notes.

Any files attached to these emails are saved in Documents & Photos.

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Email History

  1. Open the Task Worksheet.
  2. From Print Options, click View History.
  3. The Search Email History window displays. Double-click an email to view the full details.


Emails in Task/Quote Notes

If your site has been configured to show emails in Task Notes, emails will be added to Task/Quote Notes when they are received by the AroFlo mail server.

Notes are sorted in chronological order and email replies may not appear directly underneath the original email.



  1. Open the Task Worksheet
  2. Scroll down to view the Task Notes section


  1. Open the Quote Worksheet
  2. Click the Notes tab under Extra Details.


Email Import Event Messages

Event messages can be used to set up an email or SMS alert when an email is received.

To set up a new alert:

  1. Go to Site Admin > Settings > General > Event Messages.

    To set up event messages for a specific client, switch to the Office Site and go to Manage > Clients > Select Client > Event Messages.

  2. Select the Task - Create (Email Import) event from the list.
  3. Continue with the instructions found in Event Messages.

The email template field can remain blank; AroFlo will apply a system default template if it is.

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 Alternatively, you can create your own email template.



Disable Import Event Messages on a Task

Event messages set up for an Email Import (Task) apply to all Task Email Addresses in the business unit. These event messages can be disabled on individual tasks by unticking 'Send Event Message'.


Disable a Unique Email Address

To disable an active address:

  1. Click (Edit) next to the unique email address.
  2. Set the Status to Disabled.
  3. Save.

Activate a Unique Email Address

If an email address has been disabled previously, click (Activate Unique Email Address) to reactivate it. This will not create a new address.