Edit Supplier Details

Learn about editing the details and settings on a supplier card

Updated on January 11th, 2024

The supplier card includes a number of settings that are used to control a range of AroFlo features:

  • Direct access to supplier catalogues via the purchase order, quote, request for quote, and invoice screens
  • Direct order placement via Supplier Connect.
  • Supplier Invoice / Bill email import configuration.

To access a supplier's card, go to Accounts Suppliers and click on a supplier name.


Supplier Details

Once you've created your supplier, the supplier card will open. The information below are fields you're able to edit once a supplier has been created. See Create a Supplier for an explanation of all other fields including Company Address.

Supplier Information

Setting/Option Description
Supplier Logo

Upload the supplier's logo. It can then be used on the print view of layouts.


Click Upload Logo to locate the logo on your local PC / device.

Status By default, this is set to Active. If you no longer need this supplier, set the status to Archived.
Date Created

The date this supplier was recorded in your business.

You can change this date if it's different to the creation date in AroFlo (e.g. if you bulk imported a number of suppliers at once).


Contact Information

Setting/Option Description
Primary Contact / Phone / Fax / Mobile / Email Address

The first contact and applicable contact details created for this supplier. Edit these details if necessary.

Select a different contact from the dropdown if necessary and the corresponding details will update once you Save the supplier.


The supplier's website. Click (pencil) if you need to edit or (box with arrow) to open the website in a new tab.



Custom Fields

If Custom Fields have been set up for suppliers, you may need to update existing cards to show any new custom fields created.


View and Create Menu

At the top right of a supplier card are the View and Create options. Click Email to open a blank Email to the supplier and select a contact from the dropdown.

View Menu

Option Description
Purchase Orders View In Progress Purchase Orders for this supplier
Bills View In Progress Bills for this supplier
Credit Notes View In Progress Credit Notes for this supplier
Tasks View Current Tasks that are assigned to this supplier
Locations View Locations for this supplier
Contacts View Contacts for this supplier
Certifications View Certifications for this supplier

Create Menu

Option Description
Purchase Order Create a purchase order for this supplier
Credit Note Create a credit note using this supplier


Supplier-Specific Settings

Print and Email Defaults

Set supplier-specific print and email defaults.

This may be useful if you want to set a common subject line or body text in emails you send to a supplier. It can also be used to set supplier-specific print layouts for your invoices or quotes.


Settings and Defaults

Control who can access documents you upload to a supplier card, and to link a supplier to their online catalogue:

Setting Description
Default Document Upload Filter Set a default access filter for documents uploaded to the supplier card (Internal Only, Show Client, Show Contractor, Show All).
Supplier Catalogues Used to link the supplier to their online catalogue within the Purchase Order screen for each Business Unit.

Email import to Bill

Email import can be configured for the purpose of importing supplier Invoices directly into AroFlo from a central email mailbox.


For more information, see Import Supplier Invoices.



Supplier Settings

Setting Description
Type  Used to turn this Supplier into a Contractor. Select 'Contractor' from the dropdown and Save.
Associated To If your AroFlo site has multiple business units, select the primary Business Unit this supplier is linked to.

Business unit links

If your AroFlo site has multiple business units, you can select which business units this supplier should be associated with. Alternatively, you may choose to link a supplier to all business units.

Your Site Administrator can set up default business unit links so that all newly created suppliers will have the links you want. See Supplier and Contractor Settings.





Record notes against this supplier in the same way as client notes.


Documents and Photos

Upload supplier-specific documents. These are then available for selection when emailing purchase orders to this supplier.


Supplier Types

Used to categorise suppliers and contractors by type. Supplier types are set up in Site Admin > Settings > Suppliers & Contractors > Supplier & Contractor Types.


Supplier Connect

Select the supplier from the list and enter your supplier account number to enable direct purchase order placement via Supplier Connect.