Supplier Online Catalogues

Learn how to use Supplier Online Catalogues in AroFlo Field

Updated on May 28th, 2024

AroFlo features integrated supplier catalogues that allow you to: 

  • Browse and select items from online product catalogues directly within AroFlo.
  • Import items directly on to a quote, purchase order or invoice. 
  • Use the most accurate material costs, as pricing is live from the supplier.

Permission Groups

Only staff with the 'Management' permission group will see the supplier catalogue option. To grant supplier catalogue access to other staff, create a custom permission group.


Supplier online catalogues are configured in Site Admin.


To order via a supplier's online catalogue:

  1. Create a quotepurchase order or invoice.
  2. For:
    1. Quotes: tap View / Edit Quote Items > (green plus button) > Supplier Catalogue
    2. Purchase orders: tap Items > (green plus button) > Supplier Catalogue
    3. Invoices: click View / Edit Invoice Items > Supplier Catalogues.
  3. Select the supplier catalogue you need.
  4. Select your items from the supplier's online catalogue and click 'Add to Cart', as you normally would when shopping on their website.
  5. When you're ready to add the items to your quote, purchase order or invoice, click:
    1. 'Punchout & Leave' for MMEM Group companies (i.e. AWM, D&W, Haymans and TLE)
    2. 'Place Order' for Rexel Holdings
    3. the shopping cart icon, then click 'Proceed to Purchase' for Reece Group.

      Please note: These actions do not place the order with the supplier; they only add the selected items to your AroFlo quote, purchase order or invoice.

  6. Once you're finished adding items, click Save.
  7. When you're ready to place the order with the supplier, either email it to them, or for MMEM Group companies and Rexel Holdings, see Place an order using Supplier Connect.

For further detail, see Using Supplier Online Catalogues and Supplier Connect.

Link catalogues to suppliers

Suppliers can be linked to their catalogues in Supplier Settings on the supplier card. This will update the Supplier Catalogue menu within the purchase order screen to only show the linked catalogue for the selected supplier, rather than the entire list of supplier catalogues configured for your site.