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Using AroFlo's featured integrated supplier catalogues, you can:

  • Browse and select items from online product catalogues directly within AroFlo.
  • Import items directly on to a quote, purchase order, request for quote, or invoice. 
  • Use the most accurate material costs as pricing is live from the supplier. 

As soon as you commit at the supplier online checkout, the items go directly into AroFlo.

Supplier online account required

This integration requires you to have an online account with one or more of the suppliers listed below, so that you can access the latest pricing with your preferred supplier.

Supported supplier catalogues

Set up Supplier Catalogue Providers

Contact AroFlo Customer Support

  • If you would like to use MMEM and their associated brand catalogues, please refer to Requesting MMEM Online Catalogue Access.
  • If you would like to use Rexel Holdings and their associated brand catalogues, please contact AroFlo Customer Support to enable "punch out catalogue access" for the associated account.
  • You can start using the Reece and their associated brand catalogues as soon as you receive your login details from Reece.
Site Admin settings for supplier catalogues must be configured in the top level Business Unit to enable access to a supplier's catalogue within AroFlo. Supplier catalogue settings can also be configured per Business Unit if different settings are required.
  1. Go to Site Admin > Settings Add-Ons Supplier Catalogues.
  2. Click Settings for the relevant supplier.
  3. For:
    1. MMEM and Rexel Group, complete the fields as described in the table below
    2. Reece Group, see the tip below the table.



      Enter your username for the supplier's online catalogue.


      Enter your online account password (provided by the supplier).


      Enter the Supplier's online catalogue web address:

      Auto-Map Items To Inventory

      Check this option to enable auto-mapping of item part numbers to existing inventory items for use on quotes and purchase orders as well as updating cost and stock quantity for purchase orders.

      • Select Suppliers Cost Ex if you want to update Cost Ex on inventory items with the supplier's cost price when auto-mapping to inventory items.
      • Select Inventory Cost Ex if you want to use existing inventory Cost Ex price when auto-mapping to inventory items.

      Accessing Reece Group's online catalogues

      To set up access to Reece's online catalogue, simply click Connect.

      This will open Reece's login screen. Enter your email address and password and click Login.

      Select the Reece trading account you want to link to and click Connect. You can now start ordering from the Reece Group online supplier catalogues.

  4. Once all fields have been completed, click Save.

Using Supplier Online Catalogues

Configured supplier catalogues can now be accessed via the Supplier Catalogues button when creating a quote, purchase order, request for quote, or invoice.

Please refer to Using Supplier Online Catalogues for instructions on how to import items from an online catalogue to AroFlo.


  1. Note that at present we cannot setup Ideal NZ OCI.

    I have been advised that Ideal NZ is working on a new webstore that will be able to accommodate AroFlo - Ideal NZ OCI.

    No Rexel or JRT online catalogue available for NZ clients

  2. user-2581d

    What does "You will need to do this every time your browser refreshes." mean?

    Does this mean each time your browser does an update? Literally everytime you refresh a page?

    1. user-268fe

      That text referred to the fact that the login times out after one day. Within one day, it should not be necessary to re-enter login details. The text has been removed. Thanks for highlighting this.