Payment Gateways

Learn about linking Payment Gateways to allow for easier, faster invoice payments

Updated on July 4th, 2024

Allow your customers to promptly pay their invoices with a Payment Gateway.

A Payment Gateway is used to facilitate online processing of debit and credit card payments via a third-party e-commerce service provider. AroFlo currently integrates with several popular gateways which you can easily sign up to and configure in Site Administration.


Connect to a payment gateway

You will first need to create an account with your preferred payment gateway provider. They will provide the configuration settings that are required for the gateway.

  1. Go to Site Admin > Settings

    If you have multiple business units, you can configure separate payment gateway accounts for each business unit. You will need to change the business unit at the top of the screen, before clicking the Payment Gateway link.

  2. Use the search box to find 'Payment Gateway'.
  3. Click the Payment Gateway link.
  4. Click Signup on your preferred payment gateway.
  5. You will be redirected to their website. Follow the prompts to sign up or create an account.
  6. Once you have your account details, click Settings.
  7. Enter the required configuration settings (see table above).
  8. Click Save Gateway.

Ready to accept card payments?

AroFlo Field users will now have the ability to process card payments on their mobile device. For step-by-step instructions, see Payments.


Using Online Invoice Payments?

Don't forget to add Credit Cards as a Payment Method.


Using Square?

If using Square as a payment gateway, it's a good idea to create a new Payment Method and name it something like 'In Person' so that only this payment gateway displays when taking payments for this method.



Supported payment gateways

Each payment gateway will indicate what types of payments they accept:

Payment made via an online form
In person
Payment made via a linked card reader using the client's physical card
In person
Payment made via a linked card reader using the client's physical card

Click the payment gateway links in the table below to learn more about each service, including their pricing plans and terms.

eWay and NAB Transact charges

Currently, eWay and NAB Transact are not official partners of our payment platform. There may be additional charges with these providers. See our Payment Gateway partner pages.



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

Username: API Login ID
Password: Transaction Key



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

Merchant Account ID
Merchant ID
Public Key
Private Key



Pin Payments

Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings
Pin Payments

API Secret Key

Once your Pin Payments account is activated, go to

Click on the Account section of your Pin Payments dashboard. Click on API keys and copy your secret key.



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

For new Stripe connections or to refresh an existing connection:

  1. Click Signup. You will be redirected to a Stripe wizard to help you set up your connection to AroFlo.
  2. Follow each required step in the Stripe wizard, and once you have finished, you will be redirected back to AroFlo.

    Some information may be prefilled; you can overwrite this if you wish.

  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click I agree to the additional Terms of Service (once they have been read).

    If you navigate away from the wizard and do not return to it and complete it, you will not be able to agree to the additional Terms of Service. Click Signup again to finish the process and then continue from Step 3.


Once you have completed these steps, a new Business will be created for you in Stripe named ‘AroFlo’ which will allow you to easily track the payments coming from AroFlo.

Once your Stripe account has been set up, you will need to ensure you have verified your phone number with Stripe. You can do this by going to Stripe > Settings > Account Information > Verify Number.


You will not be able to sync your Stripe Account with AroFlo until your phone number has been verified by Stripe.


You may need to click save or refresh the accounts page in Stripe to confirm that verification has been updated.



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

API key
API password.

Please follow this link to obtain your keys:

You can get the API key from your eWAY account by clicking on My Account > API Key. You will also need to click Generate Password and copy/paste the new password and API Key into AroFlo.



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

Login: Your Merchant Code (may be called Merchant ID)
Password: Your XML Password

There is a setting in your Worldpay Merchant Interface called 'Capture Delay' which is enabled by default within Worldpay. You’ll need to login and turn that setting off.


NAB Transact

Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings
NAB Transact

Login: Your Merchant ID (or "EPS_MERCHANT") which will include your unique two-letter and single-digit account code.

Password: Your NAB Transact password.

This gateway requires a 'NAB eCommerce Merchant Account', which is an add-on to NAB Transact.



Link to payment gateway Required configuration settings

No required configuration settings as all settings and credentials are handled by the Square app on your device.



Disable a payment gateway

If you decide to discontinue using a payment gateway, simply click Disable.