Payment Methods and Surcharges

Learn how to set up your payment methods and surcharges

Updated on February 22nd, 2024

Table of Contents

Set up the various payment methods that your business accepts including any surcharges that may apply.


Add a payment method

  1. Go to Site Admin > Settings > Payments.
  2. Click Payment Methods > Add Payment Method.
  3. Complete the following fields as required:
Payment Method Name

Enter the name of the payment method.

Using Square?

If using Square as a payment gateway, a good payment method name might be 'In Person'.

Payment Type Select the relevant payment type from the list: Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Direct Debit, BPay, Other.

Surcharges can only be applied to payment methods that have been set up as a 'Credit Card' or 'Other' Payment Type.

Enter a percentage surcharge that will be applied to the payment method when receiving payment in AroFlo.

Credit Card Types
Only appears after saving.

If you selected Credit Card as the Payment Type, use the search button to select the types of Credit Card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express) that you want to validate against this payment method.

This is useful if you have different surcharges set for different card types, or have multiple payment gateways and plan on using certain gateways depending on the type of credit card (see next field).

If you only have one payment method for all credit cards, simply leave this blank and 'All Cards' will apply.


Unavailable if using Square as the payment gateway and 'All Cards' will apply.

Payment Gateway
Only appears after saving.

If you selected Credit Card as the Payment Type and you have multiple payment gateways set up, select a preferred payment gateway to be used to process the payment.

This is useful if you use specific payment gateways to process certain payment types for rates and fee purposes. 

If 'No preference' is selected, the first available enabled payment gateway will be used.

Visible on Pay Now
Only appears after saving.

If you selected Credit Card as the Payment Type, select whether you want this payment method available to clients when using the Pay Now link or when viewing Online Invoices.

This is useful if you want some payment methods available to clients, and some for internal use only.


Unavailable if using Square as the payment gateway.

Only appears after saving.

Set the most commonly used payment method as the default.

When transferring payments from a supported accounting package via an integration link, the default Payment Method will be used. For more information, see Using Cloud-Based Integration.

Account Code
Only appears after saving.
Used by the integration link for posting payments to the relevant accounts in your Accounts Package. If you are using a payment gateway, you will need to set a default account code for the appropriate payment type.
Only appears after saving.
Used to archive the payment type if it is no longer needed.