Delete a Project

Learn the steps required to delete a Project in AroFlo Office

Updated on January 14th, 2024

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If you need to delete a project, e.g. if you created a project in error, if it's no longer applicable, or you need to alter the detailed quote linked to it to create a new project, you will need to:

  • Delete/unlink all linked quotes
  • Delete/unlink all linked tasks
  • Delete all linked invoices

before you're able to delete the project.

Unlink linked Quote

If your project was created from a detailed quote, you'll need to unlink the quote from the project.

  1. Click the linked quote to open it 

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  2. Change the status of the quote to ‘In Progress’
  3. Edit the Quote Header

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  4. for the Project field, click the search icon and click Set No Project
  5. Save
  6. Return to the quote by clicking View Quote at the top right or Quote at the top left.

From here, you can either:

  • Delete the takeoffs and line items to delete the quote, or
  • Make adjustments to the quote, set the status to Approved again, and create a new project using the Create menu.

If you have other quotes attached to the project, click the Quotes tab and follow the above instructions to either delete the quote or unlink it from the project.


Delete Tasks

  1. Click the Tasks tab to access tasks attached to the project
  2. Select a task to open it and delete it. See Delete a Task for more information

    Unlink Task from project

    Alternatively, if you want to keep the task but keep it separate from the project, simply unlink the task from the project by using the instructions above in Unlink linked Quote, from step 2 onwards. The only difference is that the Edit Quote Header button will say Edit Task Header.

  3. Repeat this process to delete/unlink all tasks attached to the project.

Delete Invoices

  1. Click the Invoices tab to access invoices attached to the project
  2. Select an invoice to open it and delete it. See Delete an Invoice for more information
  3. Repeat this process to delete all invoices attached to the project.


Delete Project

Once you've accomplished the above and you have no quotes, tasks, and invoices attached to the project, you'll be able to delete it:

  1. Click Edit Project (top right of the project worksheet)
  2. Click Delete Project (top right) > OK.