Quotes - Overview

Learn how to create simple or detailed quotes to convert into tasks in AroFlo

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

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AroFlo provides a flexible quote builder that allows you to create simple or detailed quotes depending on the size of the job. Estimating just got a lot easier.

  • Give clients options within your quotes
  • Use takeoff sheets to build your quote to match your project stages
  • Easily track your quotes by using quote statuses
  • Automatically create a task from an approved quote
  • Build line items using square metres, linear metres, or cubic metre calculations.
  • Access online supplier catalogues from within a quote
  • Save time with quote templates and your quote history.
  • Use Online Quote Acceptance to allow your clients to view quotes through AroFlo's external quote viewer.

AroFlo comes with an approved quote, which has transitioned to a working task.

To preview what a finished quote looks like, click Workflow Quotes and change the filter in the list to Approved, then click on the quote name ‘Welcome to AroFlo’.



Types of Quote

There are two types of Quote within AroFlo:

  • Simple Quotes are your standard quotes used for jobs or services, that can be sent to your customer for approval
  • Detailed Quotes are designed for large-scale works that span a number of weeks.

Click the button below that more closely matches the description of the kind of quote you'd like to make:

Simple Quote  Detailed Quote 
  • Quick and easy quote builder suitable for creating straightforward quotes.
  • Save time by entering labor hours directly to material line items.
  • Ability to use different work types for labor pricing.
  • Allow you to include option groups and optional line items.
  • Apply markups to items, material and/or labor items, and overall quote total.
  • Provide the ability to split your quotes into takeoffs.
  • Ability to allocate different labor pricing by hours or percentage.
  • Create and include various types of allowances.
  • Duration tool assists in calculating the expected duration of the task.
  • Can be used to create a project for managing large jobs.