How do I request my data to be deleted?

Learn how to request your data in AroFlo be deleted

Updated on June 28th, 2024

Clients of AroFlo Innovations or using the AroFlo App can request to have their site deleted before the period specified in our terms and conditions.

This request can only be made by the registered primary contact for the business. Sites can only be deleted with this request for an entire site and constitutes a cancellation request.


Requests for selective data deletions or modifications should be made via an AroFlo support request.


Request the deletion of your site


For existing clients

Click for process

  1. From within AroFlo, please log a support request of type ‘Accounts Enquiry’
  2. In the summary field, please indicate that you would like to cancel your subscription
  3. In the details field, please note that you would like immediate deletion of your stored data before the expiration of any retention period specified by AroFlo in our terms and conditions.

    Subscription cancellations are subject to notice periods outlined in our terms and conditions.



For cancelled clients

Click for process

Your site is deleted by us after a period specified in our terms and conditions. If you would like this deleted earlier, please email with a request to delete your data. Please include your:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Business name when registered with AroFlo
  4. Business address
  5. ABN (if applicable).


What is deleted

When your data is deleted, all data you have stored within AroFlo is permanently removed. This includes but is not limited to all your stored client information, jobs, invoices, document storage documents, generated PDFs, and business unit data.

AroFlo will retain limited data in our system about your business in order to satisfy mandatory government retention periods.