GPS Timesheets

Learn how to use the GPS timesheet feature in AroFlo Field

Updated on November 3rd, 2023

AroFlo provides a couple of different GPS tracking options that provide Field users with instant access to their daily tracking information. Locations captured are used to determine the duration of time spent on a job, and travel time between job locations.

A detailed timeline of the user's movements throughout the day can be viewed in a GPS timesheet on a Task, or via Menu > Timesheet. Users can choose to accept or edit start/finish times of GPS locations before adding to labour on a task, or overheads such as travel time or personal leave.

The benefits of using this feature include:

  • Automated timesheet entries and job costings using GPS data.
  • Office staff have access to user GPS information within staff timesheets.
  • GPS tracking can be restricted to individual users.

Connecting GPS tracking

Connecting user GPS tracking is an administration function that requires access to Site Admin. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Setting up GPS tracking and AroPoint GPS.


Should I do this via the Timesheets area or via a Task?

Which of the following best describes your workflow?

I record timesheet entries on the go


I record my entries at the end of the day


If you're doing timesheet entries as you go about your day, doing this via tasks would be the easiest way to do this.

This will also prefill the task information with the task you're working on, when matching GPS entries.


On a Task, go to Items > Labour  > GPS tab.


If you're doing timesheet entries at a later stage and matching up entries with past jobs, then doing this via the Timesheets area instead is ideal:

Go to Menu > Timesheet > GPS tab.



View GPS locations from a task

  1. Open a Task.
  2. Tap the Items tab > Labour.
  3. Tap the GPS tab.

    Tracking information for the current day will be displayed. Use the date arrows at the top of the screen to move back or forward to the day you need, or tap the calendar icon to display the date picker.

  4. The user's daily activity is displayed in a timeline.


Match a single GPS entry to a timesheet

If AroFlo finds a task or client location that matches the user's GPS location, the job number and task name will be displayed in green.

Tap the location info (in blue) to open the location using your default Maps application.



To match a GPS entry to a task labour timesheet:

  1. Tap(plus icon).
  2. On the next screen, edit the start/finish times and enter a note (if required).
  3. Tap Save.


Unmatched locations

If AroFlo can't find a task that matches the GPS location, or if there are no timesheet entries found, the GPS entry will be displayed as 'No timesheet entries or nearby jobs found'.

To match an unmatched GPS entry to a timesheet for task labour or overheads:


  1. Tap (plus icon) on the GPS entry.
  2. The Add Timesheet Entry window will appear. From here you can choose to record this time against a Task or Overhead.

    The Task option will automatically be selected and the task you're working on will automatically populate (if doing this via the Task and not via the Timesheets area). Tap (magnifying glass icon) if you need to select a different task, or select Overhead to select a predefined overhead.

  3. Confirm or edit the start/finish times and enter a note (if required).
  4. Tap Save.
  5. The timesheet information including the start/finish times will display in green on each applicable GPS entry.
    Click on the entry to edit/delete it.


Merge multiple GPS entries into timesheet

If there are multiple GPS entries relating to the same task, or an overhead, they can be merged to create a single timesheet entry.

This is ideal if you want to combine travel time and on-site times into a single labour record for invoicing total hours inclusive of travel time.

  1. Tap the icon next to each GPS entry that you want to merge (icons will change colour when selected).
  2. Tap Merge Entries into Timesheet (bottom of screen).
  3. The Add Timesheet Entry window will appear. From here you can choose to record this time against a Task or Overhead.
  4. Use the (magnifying glass icon) to search for a Task/Overhead.
  5. Confirm or edit the start/finish times (or hours) and enter a note (if required).
  6. Tap Save.