Working with Crews

Learn how to schedule using Crews in the calendar in AroFlo Office

Updated on May 24th, 2024

A crew is a group of resources who operate as a team. This means that rather than scheduling each resource individually, you can save time by scheduling tasks, overheads (e.g., public holidays), or ad hoc events (e.g., meetings) to a crew.

Your crew can include assets, such as a piece of equipment or a vehicle.


Access Crews via the Calendar.



Create a crew

  1. Click the Resources menu ()
  2. Click Crews > Add Crew to open the Create New Crew window.
  3. Enter a Crew Name and click Add User or Add Asset to open the Search Users or Search Assets windows.
  4. Select the users or assets you want by clicking their names. Click X to close the Search window when you're done. You can add as many resources or assets as you like.
  5. Click Save.

Using Timesheet Automation?

Timesheet Automation will only run if all your crew members all have the same hours of work set up.



Edit a crew

You can add or remove users or assets as you need to.

  1. From the Resources menu () > click Crews.
  2. Tick the crew you want to edit and click Edit Crew.
  3. Add or remove users or assets and click Save.

Delete a crew

You can also delete a crew from the Edit Crew window. Just click Delete and OK.



Add a crew to your calendar view

Once you've created a crew, you can have it appear on your calendar view.

  1. Click the Resources menu () > Crews
  2. Click the crew you want and click X to close the Search Crews window.

    Who/what's in a crew?

    Click the (plus) button beside a crew name to see which users and assets are included in a crew.

  3. Click Save.


Remove Crew

From the Resources menu (): 

  1. Click the red cross () beside the name of each crew you want to remove. To remove multiple crews, click Crews and untick each crew you want to remove.
  2. Press Done or Save.


Schedule a task, overhead or ad hoc event to a crew

Once you've got your crews set up, you can schedule tasks, overheads, or ad hoc events for them just as you would an individual resource or asset. The only difference is that when selecting a resource, you click Crews instead of users.


Refer to Schedule an Event for instructions.


Events scheduled for a crew will display on the calendar for that crew but also for users or assets that form that crew. Calendar schedules as part of a crew will contain a header label of 'Crew: (crew name)'.

Read only

Crew schedules that appear under a user or asset are read-only and cannot be adjusted by dragging the schedules down or moving them to other days. To adjust crew schedules, you have two options:

  • Adjust the original event found under the crew resource, or
  • Click the user or asset crew entry to open the crew schedule window.