Learn how to set up GPS alerts in AroFlo Office

Updated on November 15th, 2023

What is an alert?

An alert is an email or audible notice which is triggered by activity from the GPS device, for example, speeding, or entering a geofenced area.

Your AroPoint profile determines which alerts are relevant to you.



Creating an alert

  1. From Tools (spanner icon) click Alerts (bell icon)

    The following panel appears:
  2. Click the (plus icon) to create a new alert.
  3. Type a name for your alert and select an object or multiple objects that this alert will apply to.
  4. Under Type, select a type of alert, e.g. Geofence In, Stop duration.

    Types of alert

    Type of alert
    Overspeed Set a maximum allowable speed limit. An alert will be generated for each time this speed is exceeded.
    Stop duration Set a maximum time for which the vehicle can be stationary, e.g. if parked. An alert will be generated if the length of the stop exceeds this.
    Driver change

    Generates an alert for when the active driver has been changed. See Driver IDs for more information.

    Geofence In An alert will be generated when the object enters the geofence.
    Geofence Out An alert will be generated when the object exits the geofence.
    Geofence In/Out An alert will be generated when the object enters and exits the geofence.
    Custom events

    Create an alert for custom events, e.g. device temperature, or battery life indicator for equipment tracking devices.

    Please get in touch with AroFlo support if you wish to use custom events.

  5. (Optional) If using an alert other than a geofence alert (e.g. an overspeed alert), select the geofence you want the alert to apply to in the Geofencing tab. 

    For example, if you set an overspeed alert and you select a geofence, the overspeed alert will only be generated if the object is speeding within that geofence.

  6. In the Schedule tab, choose when you would like this alert to be active, i.e. which days of the week and between which times.
  7. In the Notifications tab, choose how you'd like to be notified, e.g. sound notification, email notification.
  8. Click Save.


Edit an alert

To edit an alert, click on the corresponding alert option and click Edit.

Deleting an alert

To delete an alert, click on the corresponding alert option and click Delete.