Driver IDs

Learn about using the Driver ID feature in AroFlo.

Updated on March 5th, 2024

What are Driver IDs?

Driver IDs (or RFID tags) are used to 'tap on' to a vehicle as a way of logging who was driving the vehicle at any point in time. The driver ID works in conjunction with a tag reader, which will beep when the driver ID has made contact with it, indicating that the current driver has tapped on.

US availability
Our equipment tracking devices are currently unavailable to our clients outside of Australia. Alternative tracking options are available in the form of Field tracking and third-party app tracking.



GPS Device required

Before you can get started with Driver IDs, you need to purchase and set up a supported GPS tracking unit.

  • If you are new to GPS tracking, we recommend hard-wiring the tag reader to your vehicle.
  • If you are already using GPS tracking, we recommend you connect the tag reader to your GPS unit via a USB adaptor.

For either option, please contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help.

To see our pricing schedule, please click here.



Set Up Driver IDs

If your company uses this type of system, this can be set up and utilised in GPS using Drivers.


Firstly, you will need to add your Driver IDs:


  1. From Setup, select Drivers.  
  2. Click Add driver.
  3. Enter a name for the Driver ID. Ideally, this will be the person using the Driver ID/RFID tag. Other people may use the same physical tag also, e.g. contractors, or a whole crew. You may have your own system of naming your IDs as well.
  4. Select a current object this driver should be tapped on to.  

    Driver IDs can be used for all objects. What you are selecting here is only the current object this will apply to. When the Driver ID is tapped on to another object, that object will become the current object.

  5. Input the RFID number.  

    If you obtained your Driver ID from AroFlo, the RFID will be stuck on a label.

  6. The Phone, Email and Description fields are optional, however, the description field can be used to include any additional information, e.g. the colour of the tag, or the crew who use the tag (if applicable).
  7. Save.


Assign User to Driver

Next, assign an AroFlo user to the driver you just created.

  1. Switch to Site Administration
  2. Click Users
  3. Select the relevant user you're assigning the Driver ID to
  4. Click the Feature Access tab
  5. Scroll down to Select AroPoint Driver and select the applicable driver from the dropdown. The name and RFID will be shown
  6. Save.

Multiple users can be linked to a Driver, e.g. a contractor using the same Driver ID as someone else, or a crew using the same Driver ID.



How to track drivers

There are four ways to track driver history:

AroPoint GPS object history

When viewing history for an object, click an entry to display more information, including the driver details.

More information on history


AroFlo Asset

Each time you 'tap on' using a Driver ID, it will link the assigned user to the asset and you'll be able to see the date/time they tapped on, as well as who the active driver is.


Active and historical users

Click the dropdown on the right to switch between active and historical users.



AroFlo Reports

You can use reports in AroFlo to create an asset report to track diver history. Click here to read more on creating reports.

Things to note:

You can use either the All Assets report or the Assets and GPS Devices report.


When customising the report, either select a date range from the Date Assigned filter…


or use the dropdown to make a selection.


Useful fields to display or sort by are:


  • Assigned by RFID
  • Assigned Date and Time
  • Assigned User
  • Unassigned Date and Time
  • Unassigned User

AroPoint GPS alerts

In AroPoint GPS, you can set up an alert for driver changes.

More information on Alerts



Edit/Delete Driver IDs

  • To edit the RFID, click on the pencil icon next to the ID, make your changes and click the tick to save.

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  • To edit other details, click the grey cog icon to bring up the Edit window
  • To delete the Driver ID, click the grey x and confirm deletion.

Deleting a driver will also unlink the user from it.