Online Work Orders

Learn how AroFlo makes sending work orders to your contractor easy using an online viewer

Updated on March 5th, 2024

Online Work Orders allow your contractors to view and accept work orders through AroFlo's external work order viewer. Contractors can view and accept a work order from the viewer, which changes the acceptance status in AroFlo.


Your contractors can also ask a question from an Online Work Order as well as view Documents and Photos that you've uploaded and have chosen to show your contractor.

  • Send online work orders for acceptance on the spot.
  • Send Work Orders using one link. No PDF attachments or separate documents
  • Receive notifications the moment your work orders get accepted.
  • Contact contractors within minutes if they reject a work order.
  • Get notified when a contractor asks you a question
  • Your contractor gets notified when their question is responded to.

Quotes and Invoices can also be viewed online. Learn more: Quotes | Invoices



Set up Online Work Orders

To make the most of Online Work Orders, we recommend adding a 'View Work Order' button to your emails and setting up notifications when your client accepts or declines a work order, or asks a question.

See Set Up Online Work Orders.


View Work Orders Online

The option to view a work order online is available when a work order is ready to be sent.

From the Work Order:

  1. Set the Status to Approved
  2. Set the Acceptance Status to Awaiting Decision or Need More Information.
  3. (optional) set an Acceptance Expiry
  4. Click Save. The Online Work Order Link will appear.
  5. To preview the online work order, click (Open In New Tab).

You can change the design of the Online Work Order using the Print Options Layout field. Select a different layout and click SaveMore information.


RTF Templates

Online Work Orders set to show layouts with an RTF Document Template will display a generic work order design and message to download the work order. See Information for users with RTF Document Templates.

We are currently working on new ways to view RTF Templates online.



Send Email with button to View Work Order Online

Make it easier for your contractors to view and accept work orders by sending an email with the 'View Work Order' button in your email.

See Set Up Online Work Orders to add the button to email templates.


To send the email:

  1. From the Work Order, select Email (under the Print Options)
  2. (Optional) If you can't see the 'View Work Order' button in the email body, click Select Template to find your template that has it.

    Show me


    Don't have a template? Use the free template available. Search for Online Work Order Email AroFlo Standard in your email templates.

  3. Click Send Email.


Online Work Order Viewer

A contractor can view, accept, decline or download a work order from the viewer, as well as ask a question and view attached documents and photos.


Accept or Decline a Work Order

Contractors can accept or decline a work order from the online viewer:

  1. Click Accept or Decline.
  2. Enter a Full Name. A Signature is also required to accept work orders.
  3. Confirm the action and click Accept Work Order or Decline Work Order.
    A banner will display confirming the result.

See short video


The Work Order Acceptance Status in AroFlo will change to Accepted or Declined.


Download a PDF version of the work order by clicking Download PDF .


You can set up Event Messages to notify you when a work order is accepted, declined, or awaiting a decision. See Set Up Notifications for Online Work Orders.


Show Accepted/Declined Work Order






Ask a Question

Contractors can ask a question about the work order from the online work order viewer:

Email address

  • By default, AroFlo will remember the email address the Online Work Order was opened from and this will appear in brackets beside the question field. To use a different email address (e.g. if using a shared computer), click 'Not you?' and you'll be prompted to enter your email address.
  • Alternatively, if the work order was not accessed via email, you'll be prompted to enter your email address.

If you accidentally clicked 'Not you?' and want to cancel this, close and reopen the side menu.


Your email address is used for sending you an email notification when your question is responded to. If you leave the field blank, your question will still get sent but you will not be notified when there's a response to your question.

Click to see what the email looks like

  1. Click Ask a Question
  2. Type the question into the field.
  3. Click Send.
  • If the Acceptance Status is Awaiting Decision and a question is asked, the Work Order Acceptance Status in AroFlo will change to Need More Information
  • If the Acceptance Status is Accepted or Declined and a question is asked, the Work Order Acceptance Status will not change and you will need to manage this yourself, if necessary.

The question will display on the work order in AroFlo as a task note, posted by Question. Click Reply to reply to the question and Save Reply once done. Your reply will display on the online work order viewer.

Work Order in AroFlo


Online Work Order viewer


Note filter
The filter for questions added from the online work order viewer as well as subsequent replies will automatically be set to 'Show Contractor'.


If a contractor asks a question on an online work order, an email will automatically be sent to the Business Unit Manager.

Click to see what the email looks like


If you want to set up a notification for others in your company, you can set up an event message. See Set Up Notifications for Online Work Orders.



Attach Documents and Photos

You can also set Documents and Photos to be visible to your contractor in the online work order viewer:

  1. Attach Documents and Photos to the Work Order, as per normal.
  2. Change the filter for each document and/or photo you want to be visible to 'Show Contractor' or 'Show All'
  3. Save Documents.

Alternatively, you can attach documents already attached to the task to the work order. Use the down arrow next to Add Documents & Photos > Task Documents. This will remember the filter set for each document.


The selected documents will be available for your contractor to view in the online work order viewer, in the Documents area.

See Manage Documents and Photos for other options available when dealing with Documents and Photos.


Disable an Online Work Order

If you need to disable an existing Online Work Order, you can:

  • Regenerate the Online Work Order link . Emails sent with the previous link will show the work order is no longer available.

    This is helpful if the work order was sent to the wrong person, or if you need to adjust information on the work order such as prices or work involved.

  • Change the main Status of the Work Order to anything other than Approved (e.g. In Progress or Pending Approval). This will remember the work order link if you change the status back again later.

Show what this looks like



Online Work Order Signatures

Contractors must enter a Signature to accept online work orders.

The signature can be seen in the Online viewer (via Banner) and at the bottom of the Work Order.

Online viewer


Work Order