Global Search

Learn how to find things fast in AroFlo using Global Search

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

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The global search provides a fast way to search for clients, suppliers, contractors, locations, invoices, purchase and work orders, tasks, and quotes.

Click in the Search area () and enter a keyword into the search box (min. 3 characters) and matching results are returned instantly.

  • The results list will display the top five results for each area. To see a complete list of results, click Show All (x) >.
  • Each search result will display further information about the record, e.g. task results display the task type, status, and substatus, invoice results display the type of invoice with the due date, amount due, and an indication of the status of the (unpaid, paid in full, and no charge).
  • Click the search result to open the relevant record, e.g. task or client card.


Filter settings

Using the options on the side of the search window, you can:

  • Choose which areas of AroFlo you want to search within (e.g. Tasks, Invoices, Purchase Orders) by ticking/unticking the corresponding tickbox
  • Enable additional/fewer search areas as required for each of these areas by clicking the corresponding (filter).
  • Using 'Select All' or 'Clear All' will enable/disable all areas and additional search areas
  • If your site has multiple business units, use the dropdown to switch between This Business Unit Only, Include Child Business Units, or Include All Business Units to search across your entire company.

Your global search filter settings are stored within your browser. These same settings will be applied whenever you use the global search fields throughout AroFlo Office.