Compliance - Overview

Learn about your compliance and OH&S options in AroFlo Office.

Updated on May 24th, 2024

The Compliance menu within the Workflow menu gives you access to the various Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) checklists, Risk Templates, and forms in your AroFlo site, as well as access to the certification records for your users, clients (as requirements) and suppliers (as subcontractors).

  • Keep all compliance-related info in one safe location.
  • Access compliance items from the office or field.
  • Set up expiry reminders and staff alerts.
  • Run compliance-specific reports.

Menu Option Description

Displays a list of all compliance items (open/closed/all/voided) that have been created.


See Compliance Items for the same list in AroFlo Field.

Certifications Lists all of the certification records for your site against users, clients (as requirements) and suppliers (as subcontractors).
Forms Create a standalone form using a Risk Template, OHS Checklist, or Custom Form as a template.
Risk Templates Lists all of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) templates created in your site.
OHS Checklists Lists all of the OHS Checklist Templates created in your site.
Reports Run Compliance-specific reports.
Safety Plan Shows the periodic and linked forms you have set up.
Alerts Allows users with the relevant permission to enter Compliance Alerts. These appear in the Message Board on the Home Page.