Purchase Order Settings

Learn about the settings that control the behavior of purchase orders

Updated on June 7th, 2024

The table below provides an overview of the site admin settings that control the behavior of purchase orders.

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Print & Email Defaults Set up a default layout, email templates, and default email addresses for purchase orders.
Custom Fields Set up extra fields for recording additional information on purchase orders.
Disable 'Qty Used' field for ad hoc items only on task when item is on a pending/processed purchase order Check this box if you want to disable the quantity used field on ad hoc items in Task Materials to prevent changes to ad hoc material costs allocated to a job if the purchase order is 'Pending' or 'Processed'.
Automatically add new items to task

Check this box if you want purchase order items and costs to be automatically added to Task Materials.

If this option is disabled, purchase order items will be displayed in Task Materials with a quantity used value of zero (no costs allocated to the job).

Use Tax Inclusive Pricing Set the default tax status for all your purchase orders to 'Tax Inclusive'.
Default Purchase Order Note Restrictions Set the defaults for who has access to purchase order notes.