General Settings - Overview

Learn about the overall settings for your AroFlo

Permission Groups

Permission groups allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo. You can create permission groups based on staff roles or responsibilities and assign users via their user profile


Learn how to customize the appearance of AroFlo Office by using themes

Tax Codes

Learn how to enter tax codes into AroFlo

Custom Fields

Learn how to record additional information by creating custom fields such as Canvas

Description Templates

Learn how to create insertable snippets of regularly used text in AroFlo

Event Messages

Learn how to set up automatic alerts for events that occur within AroFlo

Resource Zones

Learn how to define boundaries or service areas for your resources and subcontractors

Tracking Centers

Learn how to categorise or group labor, materials, freight and/or expense items for reporting purposes

Signature Labels

Learn how to configure text labels that accompany captured signatures

Email Delivery

AroFlo features an integrated email interface that allows you to raise quotes, tasks, compliance (OHS) forms, invoices and purchase orders and send them to customers and suppliers

'Forgot Your Password' Settings

Learn how to set up email sending domains for 'forgotten password' emails

Default Markups

Set default markups for material items. This could be default markups for certain clients or a standard markup against your entire business unit.


Learn how to set up frequencies for features that trigger periodically

AroFlo API

Learn how to access the AroFlo API to communicate with external applications

Print and Email Layout Defaults

Learn how to set up default email templates and print layouts in AroFlo

Default Note Restrictions

Learn how to manage access to notes in AroFlo