Learn how to set up your pricing in AroFlo

Updated on October 10th, 2023

Whether you're a sole trader with a very simple pricing structure or a large company with a range of pricing strategies, AroFlo makes it easy for you to set exactly the prices you need.


  • Use work types to set pricing if you only need to charge out your labour
  • Set markups that apply to an entire business unit, an inventory item, or an individual client
  • Have different markups for quoted work, do-and-charge work, and over-the-counter sales
  • Change the markup on a particular quote or task
  • Have different price levels for your different client groups.

Select the scenario that best matches your setup

I charge for:

Labour only


Labour and materials


Labour/materials + prices for different client types


This is the simplest way of charging and is suitable for businesses that provide services only. For example, a gutter cleaning business.

To set up your pricing in AroFlo, all you need to do is go to Site Administration > Settings > Timesheets > Work Types.

Your quotes and invoices will draw your rates from the work types you set up.


To set up your pricing in AroFlo:

  1. To set your labour rates, go to Site Administration > Settings > Timesheets > Work Types.
  2. To set pricing on common material items, create inventory items. Use Inventory pricing to set cost and sell rates.
  3. To set the initial markup for your one-off items (ad-hoc items) set a standard markup for your Business Unit. This can also apply to all inventory items, saving you from setting prices for each item. You would only need to set prices for those items you want to charge a different markup for.

Your quotes and invoices will draw your:

  • labour rates from the work types you set up
  • material costs from either the Business Unit markup or the pricing you've set for each inventory item.

To understand how AroFlo applies markups, refer to Default Markups.

AroFlo's pricing levels, combined with client and business unit markups, will give you the flexibility you need. You'll also need to set up work types for your labour pricing.

Client Markups and Price Levels are only available in our full-featured product (not available to AroFlo Go).


To set up Client-specific rates in AroFlo:

  1. Set a markup for your client by applying a standard markup.
  2. Set any client-specific labour rates using work types.

To set Price Levels on your items:

  1. Set up Price Levels in Site Administration > Settings Inventory Item Price Levels.
  2. Set the price level values on your inventory items.
  3. If you want to set Default Price Levels for specific Clients or the Business Unit, set up Default Price Levels.

To understand how AroFlo applies markups when Price Levels are in use, refer to Default Markups with Price Levels.