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Learn how to use the Locations menu in AroFlo Office

Updated on May 14th, 2024

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Access the complete list of your business, client, supplier and contractor locations via Accounts > Locations.

From here, you can:

Click a Location to open the Location card or any phone number to easily dial the number.

To view Locations specific to a client, supplier, or contractor, click View > Locations either from the List view or Card.



Page Options

Option Description

Search Locations.

Search filter

Click to enhance your search.

Create Location Create a Location
Active/Archived dropdown Used this to switch between active and archived Locations.
Reorder Columns Click and drag column headers to reorder them. If you want to return to the default ordering, click (A-Z).
Bulk Import locations


List Options

Option Description
Sort columns Click the (up arrow) on the relevant column to sort the data (ascending or descending).
Map Click (map) to view the location on a map.
View button Click View to view tasks, periodics, schedules, projects, or assets associated with a location.